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Acnye West

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    The Louis Vuitton Don
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    Your pants
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    The internet<br />Games<br />Books<br />Movies<br />Hot Babes<br />My main man Kanye
  1. I gave in :(

    I post wherever I feel like now. Goddamn I was hoping to get away and this site and it keeps sucking me in more and more. Anyways, how have you been lately?

    1. callin me an emo???


      1. i only post in the lounge now w0ot

        1. actually i decided to stay. i just wont come on as much. i have to help the emos

          1. well i plan on making my escape sometime soon. i don't plan on telling anyone exactly when though hehe

            1. :P

              trying to get away from us psychos here?

              1. You're not on much anymore. :(

                1. Once you get to "The Lounge" your life changes forever. Some people have mentioned that all the problems in their life have been cured.
                2. I have San Andreas for ps2 and played GTA IV on my friends X-Box and I think that game is good enough to get the whole system. But I haven't played enough to decide whether its more fun than SA but it looks 10000000x better