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  1. So basically I just continued on in this way, not really enjoying my life, mostly hanging out with other insecure losers (because they were the only people I felt comfortable with), and drinking lots of alcohol and smoking weed alot just to try to escape my miserable little existence.
  2. I can advise you which topical antifungal cream/s to use when I hear back from you with answers to the above questions. In the meantime, do NOT use any moisturisers or organic oils on your skin. Keep the affected areas very dry. Don't touch the affected areas without washing your hands first. Dry the affected areas on a special, clean towel or on disposable paper towels.
  3. 3Both of these studies used a very small sample size and are outdated, so the results should be interpreted with caution. Despite this lack of published evidence that supports the use of local cortisone shots to treat acne, in the real world, dermatologists routinely use cortisone shots with consistently good results.
  4. .I don't have acne or anything like that.I'm worried it's bs and won't work.I'm a fitness model that can't go out the house or work for the last 10 months here are pics , there is dark brown pigmentation all around the burn but worst on the right edge