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  1. hi, i have posted on here before about my facial redness..well i started worrying a lot thinking i could have rosacea, so i decided to go the doctor and he told me i have acne scarring...do you guys think that is correct? My face is red on my cheeks and nose like a pattern type, i don't get hot flushes or any of the symptoms of rosacea, but the redness drives me insane......do you think i should get a second evaluation?...he said rosacea doesn't look like what i have..but acne scarring on my ch
  2. i personally use it and i like it...its not harsh like other toners and it cleanses pretty good..try it out for yourself..
  3. My face has been red off and on since December. The wrong chemicals turn me red right away. I basically broke down my skin barrier. When you do that you become sensitized to everything and are more prone to bacteria entering your skin and causing acne. I used natural oils on my face for cleansing. The Oil Cleansing method can be used even by oily skins. But alas the steam can make you more red. So now I'm using LaRoche Posay Dermo Cleanser which is a wipe off cleanser for intolerant skin. The
  4. When my face is dry it itches a little bit, but not a lot....what are eczema symptoms? i don't really have a lot of pimples..i see you use baby oil as moisturizer? doesn't that clog your pores...i never tried it before, but it just seems way to greasy...have you had good results with it? where is your face mainly red?...i think products with BP over the years has a lot to do with people's facial redness ,
  5. I also think the cause of my facial redness, is all the chemicals I put on my face. Hopefully putting some aloe vera will calm it down, I will try. Sorry for the late reply, I have been busy. At the moment I am using Green Cream to help eliminate or at least clean out my pores. Before that I was applying a small amount of Paula's Choice BHA, but that seemed to make my skin look worse, so I stopped. Currently I am only washing with Dans Cleanser which actually cleans my skin, even though it le
  6. i think it depends on what organic product it is and if you are allergic to something in the product....i bought an organic toner for the face..and left my face red as well...so i think some ingredients may be too harsh on some skin types...and you should probably go see a dermatologist....well good luck hopefully you find out whats irritating your skin
  7. baking soda a big no no for me..burned my face bad i still have redness and irritation the first time i used it i was impressed but the second time worst mistake i looked like i had a sunburn all day...so if you decide to use it..i say once a week like JacksonG said
  8. I also think the cause of my facial redness, is all the chemicals I put on my face. Hopefully putting some aloe vera will calm it down, I will try.
  9. Thanks for replying...its funny you mention the cold showers..because i tried that yesterday and what a huge difference the rest of the day..i also thought i had rosacea, but my face doesn't feel hot or even sting....i might have a mild form like you said.. Yea only natural products are gentle on my skin... how long was your face red before you find the solution?......and what do you think about Emu oil? once again thanks for your reply
  10. yea its worth a shot.. what kind of products have you used before?...i have tried so many different products i can't even remember them all lol...but right now i am using burt's bee deep cleansing creme daily.and the deep pore scrub once a week...it seems to help since it has no harsh ingredients..and its all natural.. Burt's Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream that is all bark and no bite! Naturally cleansing Soap Bark and healing Aloe moisturize and soften skin while effectiv
  11. Hi, i am a 24yr old female.....my face is red on my cheeks and nose...but i don't feel a burning sensation....so i told my mother i think i might have rosacea..and she said that she thinks its because i have been using so many products that i might have a chemical burn. I remember i once used baking soda back to back..and my face was beet red the whole day it looked like a sunburn...and i just kept trying product after product.i only had minor pimples and blackheads...so what i am trying to sa