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  1. Is the hormone thing linked to SHBG? Because i experience bloating which is like one of the symptoms of low shbg levels. Have u also tried l cystiene? nvm i saw that uve tried cystiene but i looked back on one of your posts and it mentioned from a guy that to stop b5 hairloss you will need b1,b2,b3, l cystiene and carnitine. Have you tried implementing all 5 supplements? This might be the cure doh if u missed out carnitine. I think i might be having Telogen Effluvium caused by b5 because i notic
  2. 'B5 increases fat metabolism and hormone creation' 'Maybe it's raising androgens leading to hair loss you may want to try a low glycemic diet high in vegetables that will raise SHBG to bind up any loose testosterone you may have' Im also facin bloating which causes me to fart alot. Def has smth to do with SHBG
  3. Might be adrenal gland fatigue at this point. Normally i think by eating healthy and exercise it would go away i think but considering how most people here overdosed for long term which depleted something drastically in the long run. Maybe cQ10 and magnesium might work. Try it out
  4. I found this at a website pointing to biotin and adrenal gland fatigue. Magnesium and coenzyme Q10 might be our cure if its adrenal gland fatigue ontop of that leading a healthy diet and exercise.
  5. i feel like i have gassing i think thats really it, maybe feel abit more tired might be because of how the b5 burnt out my thyroid idk. I feel like im experiencing hair growth again as i can see some baby hair growing but im still losing like tons of hair in one shower??? I actually think this might all be linked to adrenal gland fatigue. I am now more tired after overdosing on b5 and have difficulty breathing ontop of that.
  6. thanks for that, i think that its also because i continued to take a supplement which has vitamin b5 in it(20 mg). I still remembered like after a week of taking it i had the super yellow piss colour, also like one of the side effects of taking excess b5 so i just stopped completely, my hair is still shedding but its only 4 days or 3 that i have cut on supplements. Have u also been using any shampoo which might stop the hair loss or reduce it?
  7. i heard about it but im not sure if i should give it a go im going with that no supplement route from whatever spyder has told me and i also didn't consume b5 overdose for a long time at most 6 days and i stop and resumed taking normal supplements which consists of like 20 mg which i have now cut too. DO update us on it! Thanks! I don't want to go bald at the age of 16.
  8. NOWFOODS i only took it for 6 days but experience massive shedding after that. IDK what to do man :C but i didn't take like a super high dosage and stuff. Yeah im just gonna stop eating supplements from now and im gonna supplement them with food instead. My temple and crown area seems to be thinning doh especially my temples but its still not too obvious. Can i still take like a fish oil supplement?
  9. Hi, im only 15 years old and i decided to take vitamin b5 panthothenic acid in hopes of eradicating my acne. I took 2 g for the first day and already experienced shedding of hair. The next day i dropped it to 1g a day but started to feel my hair become brittle and dry thats when the shedding started to happen. I stopped taking panthothenic acid and just eating a mineral and vitamin supplement consisting of only 20mg vitamin b5 and many other minerals including biotin 25mg and 25mg insitol i thin