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  1. A b complex with the other minerals and vitamins have been helping my hair. My nails are also starting to look way better now and not brittle anymore. No more gassing, bloating.
  2. u shuld try running some blood tests and also check for any autoimmune diseases. Also if ur feeling other side effects then hair loss like eyebrow thinning, fatigue, cold feet and hands, stool changes. U shuld prolly talk to ur GP about that and also just try to lead a healthy diet. Don't smoke, drink. Go gluten free, no sugar, eat more foods high in antioxidants. Basically any fruit and vegetables and exercise.
  3. Now u talked about it i think the user phillyeagles said that a long term b complex fixed his issues and he said maybe it was the added stress also back then which fucked everything up. So the b complex theory might actually be true but for now i don' t think i would want to go back to supplements ion know. I have like this supplement from blackmores which basically contains all the nutrients and minerals ur body needs including the vitamins. It also seems that the majority of peopl
  4. ion know read the earliest pages of the threads. i forgot his username but most people cured their b5 by taking thyroid supplements or smth but the odd thing is that some people never recover from b5 overdose even after years and they were taking in large doses prolly 5-6g while some took it for the same amount of timeframe as them kinda same dosage but recovered within like a year fully. When i asked him what he did he just told me that he ate healthier.
  5. im still leaning more to thyroid and candida issues. My stools have looked different since this b5 mess and also my nails are brittle. My eyelashes are thinning also. My temples are growing back doh front is still pretty thin and shitty
  6. Does it mean i have to COMPLETELY eliminate b5 even from whole foods
  7. How long have u been on b5. I want to grow my hair out lmao
  8. im still leaning more onto a thyroid and adrenal problems because i have cold feet, bad sleep i wake up in the middle of the night always, brain fog, no fatigue doh, my nails also have this depressions and ridges which indicate some thyroid issues and also the moons on certain nails are dissapearing.
  9. I find it odd that i was also taking a omege 3 previously at 1500mg and it did nth for me. Brendan did u also face any other symptoms than hair loss? I think my body hair is thinning everywhere and my eyebrows and leg hair also my groin. I might have some thyroid issues idk but i don't face any fatigue my blood pressure is normal and my heart is suppose to beat as it is.
  10. I think i learnt in my nutrition class that u have to balance out the omega 3 and 6 for it to function well. Nuts are high in omega 6 so maybe that could've thrown u off the scale idk just a possibility.
  11. i will prolly try it at a low dosage like spyder said. its pretty hard for me to eat fatty fish foods since my family dosent cook it often and even if we cook fish its some fried fish that is store bought and i havent had salmon in a looooooooong time.
  12. https://sg.iherb.com/pr/Carlson-Labs-Wild-Norwegian-Cod-Liver-Oil-Minis-250-Mini-Soft-Gels/14565 u think it would still work the same? Same brand but just a lower dosage buying this one since its cheaper
  13. Do u face any other symptoms from b5? I always wake up in the middle of the night which is weird because it didnt happen last time, gassing and bloating seems to have reduced alot, dry eyes, dry skin also. This kinda matches most of the symptoms to omega 3 deficiency. I find it weird how spyder is taking 1000mg of omega 3 daily also but he felt worse from it and only dropping his dosage seems to help his hair better.
  14. @Blue09 and @brendan452 Did u take the omega3 at low doses doh because according to spyder also he has been taking 1000mg of omega 3 for a while and it didnt seem to improve the hair loss only when he started taking a low dosage his hair came back. I have always been taking a 1500mg omega 3 and saw no difference or change to my hair i might get a smaller dose and see what happebs
  15. and this https://sg.iherb.com/pr/Optimum-Nutrition-Enteric-Coated-Fish-Oil-100-Softgels/68607 Just tryna get all the cheap ones to try first to see if it works since im on a budget