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  1. wow, i haven't posted in a long time! sorry! not much new. i'm on 200 mg doxy a day. i got a new tube of differin today, and it was $142.52!!! it goes towards my insurance deductable but still, that is soooo much!! i was like WHOAH. that's more than $3 per GRAM of the stuff! my cheeks get a wee bit dry after showers sometimes... my skin is still very very oilly though my acne... eh... my chest is mostly clear, i still have some random stuff going on on my shoulders/ back though... and my fac
  2. lol thanks merf aaah i'm so busy and stressed out. my cheeks were a little dry this morning, but my skin is still really crazy oily. and i have 2 new things popping up on my upper lip area...thanks, acne gods. my other stuff is healing some i guess... most of it likes to just hang around for a good long while lol! so, that's my skin. and about my guy friend... we're good...haha... we covered that one issue, and then another one that really freaked me out but it's ok. we're clear now haha. any
  3. so, i went to the derm today. talked about accutane, which is kind of a sore subject (see earlier posts). so that was frustrating. we ended up just increasing the doxy (200 mg a day) and i go back in 2 months. i might get a package of chemical peels (3 in a pack), but idk, we (me + parents) havne't really talked about that yet. they're supposed to help w/ acne and the post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. my skin is bleh. i have a couple dry patches on my shoulders, and my face is just a little
  4. hey merf yeah, my skin definantly looks better but it will get much worse before it gets better- i got horrible dryness, peeliness, redness, sensitivity and all that fun stuff and then an IB almost 3 weeks in, but now my skin isn't really dry at all and it looks a lot better. which kind of differin are you on? tomorrow is my last day of antibiotics! i'm scared that when i finish my round of doxycycline my acne will come back more... i have a bit of a mini break out i guess... i have about 6-8
  5. day 28 sorry it's been a whole week, iwas out of town, but i had a great time so it's all good, right? yeah. the breaking out on my back and chest stopped, and the dryness and weird redness has all gone away, i mostly just have blackheads and tons of scarring now. my face has been mostly clear for about a week, the whole time since i last posted i've only had 6-8 new things pop up. i still have some blocked/ enlarged pores, blackheads, and tons of scarring though, so my skin is far from perf
  6. day 21 wow, 3 weeks already! my back/ chest have started to get really dry and flakey, and this is so gross but the inside of my shirts looks like i have dandruff haha, it's just...ew. and that whole area is still pretty bad looking, it's been breaking out and everything makes it hurt/ burn. the skin erosion on my upper lip/ mouth ish area is almost gone, i just have a couple spots left. but i still have some on the corners of my nose that is raw and red and not happy. i don't really have muc
  7. day 19 wow, i knew i hadn't updated in a few days, i didn't know it'd been a whole week. oops. i've just been busy with school and stuff. i babysat till midnight last night gah! so all the bright red skin erosion around my mouth has gotten a lot better, i only have 2 spots left to heal. my back/ chest/ shoulders have gotten a heck of a lot worse in the past few days. there's lots of acne, and the skin is very sensitive and red and burns uugh, i don't like that. everything irritates it, and
  8. ha, i just read through your whole log... congrats on getting a brand new bmw next year! that's such a nice flipping first car lol, what kind will you get? and don't fight the dude at your school... that really won't make anything better. just let him be a jerk and try to not let him get to you. ...and the girl you've "noticed"... just because you've suddenly discovered she's hot, don't try to "make a move" on her, unless you actually want to move your relationship to the next level. but if you'
  9. your skin has improved so much! congratulations i know this is from a post like a month and a half ago, but i love that copeland song you quoted ('you love to sing').
  10. day 12 gah! my chest/ shoulders where i've had that weird red dry thing going on has become itchy! i've read that you should hold off the differin for 4 days before waxing, but i've also read that you should hold off for 2 weeks... i opted for the 4 day thing, so i didn't apply the differin for several days on my upper lip area and when i waxed it today it was normal but some of the immediate redness didn't go away like usual...and there are still red splotchy splotches...and it does not look
  11. day 11 my shoulders/ back have started to get a little dry. 2 or 3 new acne things popped up on my forehead today the little cyst coming up in my eyebrow is hard and painful, but still normal skin- coloured so you can't even see it, but still... bleh. my face skin is still dry, but i think the body shop aloe products are helping with that. i don't like how the moisturizer leaves my face shiny looking though, but i just put some cargo blu-ray mattifier over it and it helps. it's still too dry
  12. day 10 the little corner-y parts of my nose are so raw...after i washed my face tonight, clear stuff was sort of oozing out of my pores there (looked like the stuff in an acne bump after the pus/ with the blood, you know what i mean? when you've squeezed out the other stuff) (ha, that's not gross at alll). and one spot was even bleeding a wee bit. gah! most of my back is still the same. no improvement there. the bottom 1/2 of my neck, and part of my chest and back (like where a t-shirt collar
  13. use a moisturizing hand soap that isn't anti-bacterial. and use some 'vaseline intensive care healthy hand and nail lotion' after you wash your hands. it absorbs quickly and doesn't make your hands greasy or gross, but it moisturizes really well. when you go to bed, slather on a lot of it then put some gloves on, your hands will be nice and soft in the morning hope that helps
  14. day 8. same old same old with my skin. peely and dry. the rough/redness of my neck is spreading...a wee bit of my collar bone is very dry/ red now too yuck... it's very sensitive too. i've pretty much given up on make up... my face is too flakey to hide the nastiness that is my face bleh...so it's pretty much just eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow...but i can't even do much of that because even my eyes are flakey adn dry! and i don't know why... the differin seriously migrates! i went for
  15. day 7. my skin on my face is very dry and peely and flakey and all that. nothing new there. but now my whole neck has been turning red and dry and rough and generally irritated looking/ feeling since yesterday. that's no fun. my back/ chest/ etc is still just fine. haha. i got a cleanser, exfoliating scrub, and day cream from the body shop's aloe line yesterday, and i think it helps my skin look and feel a lot better, so that's good. i haven't really gotten much new acne since i've started