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  1. Just call your insurance company.
  2. well not everyone all at once please. just wondering if anyone else has tried this method. PLEASE RESPOND!!!!
  3. My derm suggested that i use a heating pad everyday for 30 minutes. He said that if you dont get those horrible red marks away qquick that they will form into scars. try it, it may help.
  4. Hi there all! I went to derm today, he gave me tazorac and i take 6 ees pills a day. He also said that it was very important for me to use a heating pad on my face for 30 minutes a day. Has anyone ever heard of this? I tried doing a search and found nothing. He stresses the importantance of the heating pad saying that it was going to help get rid of the red marks on my face and that if i didnt get rid of them quick they would turn into scars. This derm knows his stuff too, hes very well kno
  5. Well, I know I just posted about not having any major changes in my skin but today was like a whole new day. I woke up and had no NEW breakouts. WOOHOOO!!! Now, I need to worry about all the damn scarring! In just four months of having to deal with acne my face is covered with dark spots. Does anyone know how long they will last? The only thing I have been doing different is using more of the repairing lotion and actually massaging it into my face. I am a Proactive believer today!
  6. Sorry, I am a little "behind". This is my second post ever here. I am gettin so upset with my skin. What is this Dan regimen? I have never heard of it. Is it cheaper? More people have results? I will try ANYTHING here! Please tell all. The goods and the bads!
  7. I have mild acne that started about 6 months ago.I have been using proactive every morning and night now for a month. I have seen minor changes in my skin but I am still getting new acne. It's not near as bad as it used to be but I expected a bit more for my money. Has anyone else used this product? Did it work for you? If so, how long did it take for you to notice a major improvements in your skin?