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  1. lmao @ these remarks about preferring women with "curves" 5'6 and 175 lbs is curvy in the same way a circle is curvy.
  2. In these times of fuel scarcity, economic recession, and the attendant challenges they bring, I think it's really time that we start seriously answering the Fat Question, and the only logical answer is a Final Fat Solution: we must round up the obese, the pudgy, the corpulent, the portly, or the just plain fucking fat motherfuckers, euthanize them, and for the first time in recorded human history make the obese carry their own weight by rendering their piles of redundant, jiggling flesh into oil
  3. Absolutely. Short hair on a girl = a huge turnoff.
  4. Is your dog up-to-date on his rabies shots and other vaccinations?
  5. I don't know, it almost seems like you're ruining the experience of depression if you're not suffering it alone.
  6. are they all different for you if so which one do you believe is right.
  7. I'm a mirror addict big time. I'll purposely go out of my way to stop at various restrooms wherever I go to check myself in the mirror. At home, I'll check my bathroom mirror 20+ times a day. It's really a huge addiction.
  8. I've tried plenty of stupid shit, and a good bit of it came from the mostly worthless "red marks" forum on this very site. Baking soda, vinegar, neosporin, aspirin, and the list goes on..
  9. Maybe she found something particularly funny about the flea treatment you were buying?
  10. While we're complaining about ugly posts, most of these avatars don't look so hot either. I don't think I'll ever understand the draw some people have towards dolling up their profiles and signatures with pictures (that aren't of them personally; personal pics are fine and even nice), multiple paragraphs, quotes, etc. etc. that nobody else is going to even look at in any serious way anyway. This isn't just this site either; it's basically every forum that allows this kind of stuff.
  11. Unless he's only talking to you on Facebook to tell you to fuck off (which doesn't sound like the case), he's probably just shy but is interested. Keep at it and he'll probably open up to you a little more.
  12. Yeah, if this guy isn't instantly chasing after any girl who shows the slightest bit of interest in him, that probably means he's gay. This is a really productive and insightful train of thought here. Or, maybe, for whatever reason, he either has no interest in her and she was just misreading his signals (hey, it happens), or after talking to her decided that she just wasn't the type of girl for him (hey, that happens too).
  13. Even qualified surgeons performing routine operations can still make mistakes, and there are always other complications that might arise too.
  14. If anything, the fact that this story made headlines should suggest that it's a pretty rare occurrence to die that way. Of the thousands or even millions of plastic surgery operations performed each year, only one ended in such a way as to warrant this kind of media attention. Of course, this also raises questions about whether her death would have attracted any media attention at all if she hadn't already been a photogenic, rich girl to begin with. Still, if I was a betting man my money would b