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  1. on the bottle it says "take with food" so eat breakfast pop a pill and eat dinner pop a pill no big deal
  2. So I'm going to the doctor soon to start medication (orally) Retin-A and something else...haha idk...
  3. thanks guys Yea I figured it was a factor...I just didn't want to admit it because that is just depressing! HA
  4. I've been thinking about it. Before I met my ex, my acne was beyond sh*tty. Then I remember having noticeably better skin through our 2 yr relationship. Now being out of the relationship for the past year my acne has come back with a vengeance! I heard that having sex and the releasing of those chemicals helps acne...i can't help but think its true. I mean my skin was looking sooo good when i was with them :'( And when they broke my heart the acne came back... Does being in a loving and sexu
  5. I just bought E.l.F. mineral makeup online. $20 starter kit! WEee!! I used it for the first time all day yesterday and by the end of the day I had broken out pretty bad However, I'm not sure if it was the makeup or just my F&%ed up face...has anyone else used e.l.f. mineral? Please let me know!