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  1. To Johnny and neverforget, Thank you for the kind words and you are both very welcome! K
  2. Hi there, Today my skin only becomes over-dry when I use facial soaps or scrubs. Even with a weak cleanser like Cetaphil my skin becomes very tight and flakes around the cheeks. Previously I did use a blue moisturising oil called Hamilton Oil, which I would apply after washing with Cetaphil to re-moisturise my skin which you might like to try out? (Though I don't use this product at all today) Or maybe you could just only wash your T-zone with what ever product you are using and only u
  3. BP only cures the symptoms and not the root of the problem, that's why you're always taking 2 steps back, you cure a bunch of pimples but then a whole new bunch arrive because you haven't treated the cause of the problem.
  4. Hey there, Accutane didn't work for me either, though it never made my hair fall out =( I'm pleased to say that I am completely clear now though. If you are interested I have posted a quick overview of I how I got clear here on Acne.org, the link is in my sig. If you have any questions just ask! K
  5. To Jazz and Sexy, You are both very welcome =) K Thanks a lot for the reply! Yeah there's no way will I miss out to give ya the good news in the future! Haha that positive? Uhm well let's just stay its a start. Yay!
  6. No it's not because you have 'undersized' pores, or because of germs living on your face. It is simply this: When you put stuff in your body which does not support its growth, the body will expel it. If it is in large amounts the body will simply make you vomit the substance out (like alcohol). But if you consume these substances little by little the body isn't called to such a drastic expulsion, so the substances slowly build up in the body. These toxins enter your body every day from a vari
  7. I suffered from severe acne for 7 years and felt the exact same way several times during my suffering. But I realize now that acne was really God's way of telling me that the way I was living (my thinking, lifestyle, diet) was not beneficial for my body. Acne was an alarm bell telling me that I needed to make a change before something more serious happened to me. Anyway, if you are interested, I have posted a quick overview of my regimen for getting clear, the link to it is in my sig. If you
  8. Hey there, Firstly, good idea not to go on Accutane, you need less toxic material in your system not more! If you are interested I have a quick overview of my regimen for getting clear (after 7 years of severe acne) here on Acne.org, the link to it is in my sig. If you have any questions please feel free to ask =) K
  9. Hey there Buddy, I had severe acne for several years, I did try Accutane and it cleared my up for a couple of years but then the acne came back even worse. If you are interested I have posted my regimen for getting clear here on Acne.org, the link to it is in my sig. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! K
  10. One way to get out of depression is to take a look at your surroundings and realize how much you have to be grateful for. I mean if you are posting on this forum you must have a computer, electricity, eyesight, a perfectly functioning brain, shelter, 2 hands, the ability to read and write etc. etc. etc. You may take those things for granted but remember there are people out there in the world that don't have the above-mentioned things and would gladly accept your acne to trade places with you
  11. Hey Curtiz, Thank you for the kind words, they are much appreciated =) I'm glad we share similar views and seem to have learnt similar lessons from our acne experiences! K
  12. I there =) You are very welcome! Please let me know how your progress is going and if you have any question feel free to ask. Acne was also a huge challenge for me and I can definitely tell you that the whole experience of acne (from the bad time to the good times) was life changing. Good Luck!
  13. Hey Jimmy, No it isn't a distiller, although they are also very good! The one I have is from a brand called 'Alps' it is a mineral and magnetic water filter and it holds around 15 liters of water. It is a very, very good filter, it is very thorough and you can see what is being filtered out on the ceramic bulb at the top, it would take almost a whole day to filter enough water to get it full. Hope this helps! K
  14. You're welcome! LOA has never failed you? That's great! Then you will have no trouble getting clear =) Yes getting out with your pets and being surrounded by nature, breathing in the fresh air is a great way to de-stress, calm your mind and generate a feeling of happiness. Also just having pets around is great for lifting your spirits and being happy. Regarding sleep, I am no expert on it but I think it is different for everyone. Some people I know are fresh and ready to go with 5 hours
  15. You're very welcome! Glad you find the videos and 11 Laws kit helpful =) Also you are correct, the best way is to trigger any change in your life be it your skin, health, finances or general happiness is to start with a change in thinking and attitude. Good luck! K
  16. Sounds good to me. Maybe, but since you started spending more outdoor time, the fact that increased outdoor light exposure amplifies the nocturnal melatonin surge may have affected your sleep as much as yoga/meditation. I'll bet a dollar if you spent all day everyday in outdoor light (sans hat/sunglasses) and took no caffeine, you could sleep like a baby without a bit of exercise/yoga/meditation or the help of any Laws of the Universe. Oddly, being in outdoor light all day also affect
  17. Hey there, From my experience, almost all commercial acne products and medications have only worsened my acne. Drugs and topicals are not the way to cure your skin (I learnt through many years of battling acne). The way to cure acne is through a change of thinking, living and diet. If you are willing to change these areas of your life, please take a look at my regimen (link in my sig), there is information there that will help you get clear. =) K
  18. Please take a look at my regimen, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. =) K
  19. First off, your acne is that bad =) When mine was it at it's worst it was alot worse than that. The thing I learned the hard way (but eventually learned) is that all of those products and medications don't work. There is no commercial cure for acne and there never will be because too many people can make too much money from acne. Please take a look at my regimen, the link is in my signature. Hopefully you will find some info there that will help you out. If you have any questions please fe
  20. Hey dude, If you are interested please take a look at my regimen for getting clear (link in my sig). If you have any questions let me know =) K
  21. If I was still in the middle of my acne hell I would totally agree with you. But now looking back I have come to understand that acne is a blessing. It is your body's way of telling you that the way you are living, eating, thinking is not beneficial to your body. It is an indicator that you need to change before something worse happens to your body. So I completely understand why acne exists. K Blessing is not the right choice of words. I would gladly give up that "blessing" an
  22. I personally have found that treatments that you apply from the outside don't really help acne at all, in fact more often than not they make things worse. The worst experience I had was with potter's clay which gave me 10+ pimples after 1 application. Believe me curing acne is an inside job. K