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  1. Hey I just wated to say thanks for sharing all of this great information, I am really excited and eager to put your advice to work and see the results!
  2. Hey guys, Just wanted to let everyone know that I am pretty much acne free now =) I'm still waiting for these marks to fade, they seem to hang around forever. Has anyone tried using Skin Culture face peels?
  3. My last day is almost over! The only thing left to do is to drink a teaspoon of Olive Oil. Like the review kago26 posted says, it didn't clear up everything in 3 days but ALL of my acne has improved noticeably... the book says that people with stubborn acne wont cure it in 3 days but will see gradual improvements over the next few weeks until it's gone. Anyway I'm really happy! I can go and eat something other than apples tomorrow Probably not going to drink anything other than water for a
  4. Hey guys, End of day 2! Alot of my acne is settling down, especially the ones around my jawline and chin... no new spots came up all day which is great, though my face was a little more oily than usual which is apparently because there is an increase of toxins being released through the skin. Using tea tree oil now which was recommended in the book and it seems to work pretty well despite the smell. Going to steam my face and go to bed.. last day tomorrow!
  5. Hey guys, My first day of the 3 day program is finished! My skin hasn't changed all that much, but hey it's only the first day. I have 1 more thing to do and then I'm going to bed. Apparently tomorrow is the hardest day of the program but I should be able to see some improvement by the end of day 2 apparently? Hope so
  6. Hi everyone! I got my copy of the book and read through it pretty quick (it's not that long). I must say that although it talks about acne from a completely different viewpoint to they way I've thought about acne all these years, everything written in the book makes alot of sense. I've really got my hopes up now and I'm gonna start the program tomorrow, and as someone else posted here it involves a whole lot of apples! ANyway gotta run!
  7. Hey guys, Thanks for all of the responses, really appreciate it. Although the general opinion here is that its a scam.... which I still 1/2 think it is, I went and ordered it anyway =/ I think I would regret not trying everything possible to get rid of my acne so... yeah thanks again and I'll keep you guys posted as to how it goes.
  8. Hi guys, I'm new here and wondering if the book 'Acne Free in 3 days' is worth getting? I've had skin problems for the last 12 years and nothing seems to be working. I have heard alot about his book but I'm not sure if its for real or not. Thanks in advance!