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  1. it's always the same technique: a different angle, a different light ,a different tone, some cover, some cream, sometimes some photoshop and there it is. I don't believe in anything in the market right now, and if I do, it's because there are tons of proper investment or green signals behind it.
  2. that's exactly what they said about LED therapy for stretch marks, and it's a scam. I've asked the best surgeons in France, by phone, after witnessing no difference whatsoever before or after, and all of them told me that it's nothing but a sham. Right now, collagen is the one component that practicians manage to restore, but nothing restores elastine.
  3. Same bullshit as carboxytherapy, fractional radiofrequency, leds, fractional laser, dermaroller, peelings yada yada yada...they all promise 80% reduction, and the improvement is minimal at best afterwards. If there really was a working treatment for stretch marks out there we'd know, believe me. Stretch marks are zones of the skin devoid of elastin fibers and collagene. We know how to restore collagene (to a degree), but no one has something to restore elastin except elastagen.
  4. All she said was that it would be coming in a couple of years, and although I agree with her assessment, I wouldn't call that "super soon" at all. It's coming, but not that soon. I don't really have an opinion on PolarityTe to be honest.I'm focused on stretch marks mostly, and it's not something that will be able to treat this kind of skin condition.
  5. Hey there ! I actually shared the papers a few days before. Check them out on page 470. I would be really interested to see the source on quora where you mentioned that woman who said that the product would be out very soon though, thank you.
  6. There you go, have fun guys. IMPORTANT: the last 3 imgur link are just one page, but it was too long to make a single screenshot, so open all 3 at the same time to avoid getting confused https://imgur.com/a/SzioKlm https://imgur.com/a/wBu82Dc https://imgur.com/a/VA8b3gG https://imgur.com/a/kp1ISjH https://imgur.com/a/SFKVguU https://imgur.com/a/zTAxQU9 https://imgur.com/a/JyIuuiH https://imgur.com/a/ibrLMLh
  7. It's fine you guys, I'll buy it, and share it afterwards. Don't bother buying it, I'll take care of it.
  8. I actually completely agree with you when you mention different types of scars. I, for example, can't see how a simple injection would address hypertrophic scars, which are very raised, and sometimes super severe. The main focus of elastagen right now is atrophic scars, as the idea is to repair the dermis and replace the voids left by the damage with a tropoelastin-based IMPLANT (the word implant is important here). It's basically the same idea for stretch marks and acne scars: using a synt
  9. I don't think so. I know that, at some point, elastagen's products were in allergan's pipeline, but since they've been absorbed by abbvie, they stopped appearing there.
  10. My pleasure ;-) . Honestly anyone would have been able to share the news at some point. The fact that Rob Daniels was kind enough to tell me about the scientifics drafts (he probably told tons of other people as well) is, in itself, a fair reason to start thinking that they're satisfied enough to show their results to people out there. Just gotta wait and see now ^^ !
  11. We don't know when, all we know is it's eventually coming. And the very reason why we're waiting for the scientific drafts (which should be available soon according to the answer I was given. Although it could mean several weeks still) is precisely because we want to find out how good their tropoelastin-based product is for several skin conditions. Patience is key here, this isn't the kind of stuff where things suddenly get fixed in a matter of months. We're all waiting for the news, and as
  12. I answered that very question a few comments before that one, take a look yourself ;-)
  13. Very good news guys, regarding the Elastagen scientific papers. I asked Dr Tony Weiss, who replied that: -“Novel Recombinant Tropoelastin Implants Restore Skin Extracellular Matrix,” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. The journal is processing it now, so please check online for at https://jddonline.com/issue when it is published. So basically we just need to check the website regularly from now on, to check when the article will be available.
  14. I reported this "onefatalgoose" guy, he's obviously trying to scam people here.
  15. Wait...you spent more than 35 000 dollars on treatments? Oo Hey, I mean if you can spend that much on that, it means you're probably doing very well financially speaking, so there's that at least I guess ;-) I spent 750 euros on 5 treatments of carboxytherapy + fractional radiofrequency before deciding it was not worth it.