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  1. Thank you, I'm well aware of the effects of severe scars following a big accident. Of course it's important, and of course it will be life changing once a proper treatment is out there. What I'm saying is that there's an incredibly big amount of people who will pay to get rid of their stretch marks. Like you said most people get them, and even if a tiny percentage of these people are seriously suffering from their presence, it's still big. Even if 5% of the people who have stretch marks would wa
  2. They're not though. Just like Valkyros said, they're zones devoid of elastin fibers. It's also why they're not something as problematic as scars (they don't hurt, and you don't feel them). That's your opinion, and a lot of people would disagree, trust me. Some of us have lots of stretch marks, and although you're absolutely right when you say that almost everyone has them, it's still something that can cause a lot of distress. They day we really get something out for striae (let's
  3. I'd say it's probably a great indication for you yes
  4. Another update guys, this time about elastagen: Still conversing with the same person: -Me: "Thank you for answering so quickly, I appreciate it. I'll take a look at Direct Biologics then, it does sound interesting. Have you had the chance to work with the Elastagen team, or have you heard about them in general? I first heard about tropoelastin when a dermatologist pointed me to an article about them (page 18: https://go8.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Allies-In-Excellence.pdf). O
  5. A big update about how good polarityTE could be on stretch marks, after a discussion I had with a certified plastic surgeon (who's on the advisory boards of several start up companies or clinical trial companies). I didn't include his name, as I'm sure he would rather stay anonymous, and I don't want people to harass him with questions or anything of the sort...I mean, it's hard enough to get proper answers from surgeons or professionals involved in the tissue regeneration industry, so I thought
  6. I thought I should update some of you guys, as I've mostly talked about elastagen. I also talked to a certified plastic surgeon (I removed his name), and it looks like PolarityTE could be a very, very viable option as well for several skin conditions I also got some feedback from other surgeons, who kinda agree. So yeah, both elastagen and polarityte seem to be viable options, still nothing worth it as feedback goes concerning sunogel though
  7. Please don't try to advertise here, thank you.
  8. what is coring? Also 46 is still relatively young nowadays, you still have 30 years of very good health if not more in front of you if you take care of yourself.
  9. I recently turned 30 too. I'm really happy to see that a proper product for stretch marks will be out in only a couple of years since I'll still be young and able to enjoy a few things I couldn't enjoy because of them
  10. Depends on what kind of "scarring" we're talking about really. For example, stretch marks are incredibly common (80% of women get them, and 50% of men get them too), which means that the vast majority of people won't have a problem with you having them. It can cause you to be very insecure for sure, but that's it. If you learn to live with them, it's not going to change your life at all, and no woman will really care at all. Other, more severe kinds of scars can be a bigger issue for s
  11. I completely agree. This is to be taken as something that will drastically reduce the appearance of stretch marks and acne scars, to the point where it's only a very minor aesthetic issue (since we're talking about a 80-90% reduction according to the trial tests, depending on the patients), BUT, as you said, it's not a 100% removal, and it's important to mention it.
  12. I've contacted the ex elastagen CEO, and I was lucky enough to get an answer: unfortunately they can't share anything with anyone, since the company has been absorbed by allergan. What they're doing so far is making sure that proper products get to the market by helping allergan out, so they're basically working together. It's probably going to take something like 2 years before it happens though, but it's worth waiting. Trust me, I tried getting information left and right, you're not getti
  13. Pretty much yes. The product is working, now they did to try to optimize it as much as possible, and then market it.
  14. We shall see, it can never hurt to manage your own expectations though. So far there's something for acne scars and atrophic scars (mostly stretch marks though), for more serious scars they're still not quite there yet (stretch marks aren't even painful, or a problem in every day lives, and they're often not too big of a deal visually speaking, although they are annoying). I merely mentioned elastagen instead of sunogel, and polaritye (skinTE) because in their case, their are tons of "green