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  1. http://www.kirkmanlabs.com/products/multiv...ra_woad048.html Someone linked me to these on another website if anyone else was wondering this same question. Thanks anyways for the help, guys!
  2. Multi- is a prefix for "many", so a multivitamin contains many vitamins. If it was an omnivitamin, then it would contain all vitamins. I love when people try to be condescending only to come off as stupid. Anyways, I don't want to be a bitch either but you derailed my thread lol. So can anyone answer my question?
  3. I think it is important to get my vitamins, but as we all know, you cannot take vitamin A while on accutane. Most multivitamins I have seen contain vitamin A, and I was wondering if anyone has found one that doesn't? Thanks in advance for any responses!
  4. Seen a few topics like this but figured I would start a poll so we can get some numbers.
  5. Me and my friends have been playing touch football in the park every saturday ever since it started to get nice out a month or so ago. Currently I'm on day 11 of accutane, and I know how you are supposed to stay away from the sun, but I really want to keep playing with them. When we played last saturday, I was only 3 or 4 days into my treatment, so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal, but now that I am starting to see some of the drying effects it has on my skin, I am being more cautious. We
  6. I have been on the regimen for a bit longer than you I think. As much as it sucks, your skin will probably break out before it clears up. Before my right cheek cleared up, I had a terrible breakout there, but I have not had a single zit in that area since then(2-3 weeks). The same thing is happening to my left cheek now, it had a bad breakout, but now it is clearing up and if it is anything like my right cheek, it will be cleared for good. Like the above person said, only use one fingers wor
  7. Why did you get bad grades in high school? Was it because you were lazy, or were your classes genuinely hard for you? I got shitty grades in high school because I was lazy and didn't care. I went to community college for a year, actually tried, and got all A's and B's. Was enough to get me into a state school. On the other hand, if you felt the material was too hard for you, it only gets harder in college. Honestly though, college isn't for everyone. Most kids have it shoved down their th
  8. I have been on the regimen for a few months and it is doing a good job controlling my acne, but I still have red marks. Just yesterday I exfoliated for the first time in a long time with a neutrogena acne scrub because there was so much dead/flaky skin on my face it was getting out of hand. Anyways, today some of my red marks have turned purple/black. The thing is, I don't know if they are like regular red marks, they are actually blood that is under the skin. I lanced one and a bunch of dar
  9. Since there is no "they sometimes itch" option, I just voted for the "itch like crazy" option., but its not that bad for me. When I have/had bigger cyst-like pimples, those are the ones that usually itch, and it is very frustrating because I do not want to irritate them by itching! Its like being stuck between a rock and a hard place, either have your face it, or scratch it and irritate your acne!
  10. I have been on the regimen for about two months now, and it is working out really well, the right side of my face hasn't had a zit in at least a week. I know that your skin will usually get worse before it clears, which I think is what happened to the right side of my face before it cleared up. Yesterday my left side, which was originally not as bad as my right but got worse when I started the regimen, broke out in like 4 pimples seemingly all at once. As much as this sucks, I am actually kin
  11. I am so glad some of you guys have taken my words to heart, it makes me feel good that I have helped people deal with their acne. I think tomorrow I am going to ask out a girl in one of my classes. I would have never had the courage to do this a few months ago, wish me luck!
  12. Would you care if your girlfriend had to do some sort of regimen before bed? I wouldn't, and would hope she would feel the same way.
  13. There is not a guy in the world who doesn't masturbate(except maybe some of the people on this board who think it causes acne, haha), so I don't think its really a factor.