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  1. Hey, I definitely think the first thing you should look into is subcision preferably with a spacer as your primary modality before anything else. I don't think this is something any doctor can do, especially considering how tricky the forehead is, so I'd do a lot of research beforehand. I'd recommend sending BA a private message or posting your pictures on RealSelf for an expert's opinion. This video might be helpful! https://www.instagram.com/p/BWbP0rmAg8Y/
  2. I used to have similar scars on my forehead. Still do, but they're a lot softer now and only appear in harsh angled light so I don't even mind them. What helped them the most was definitely subcision.
  3. Your scars, particularly on your temple, look like they’re tethered — although you’d have to get more opinions on this. Subcision is the only thing for that. You also have some texture that could benefit from peels, but they should be done last. But again deal with the acne first.
  4. If I were you I would first treat the active acne to avoid further scarring. After that, I would try and find a skilled dermatologist in your area who knows how to do subcision and filler. You can alternate that with at home peels for texture. Your scars are pretty mild, I’d really focus more on the active acne before anything else.
  5. @Babavanga I think it would also benefit you to look into RF microneedling and TCA paint for your boxcars
  6. I am so sorry about your ex partner, nobody deserves to be treated like this. Microneedling or any resurfacing techniques won’t help with these scars because they are tethered. I agree with Sibel, the best treatment for you is definitely subcision + filler. If I were you I’d ask around for derms who specialise in this in your area, as it’s a really hard area to treat and easy to f up. If you can’t find anyone close to you and have the means to travel to a specialist, I’d recommend doing so
  7. If you live in South Florida I’d recommend seeing Dr Weiner! I know he does TCA but not sure about phenol though...
  8. Hi, I’d start with subcision and filler before targeting the remaining texture. I think that would make the biggest difference. I’d recommend sending @beautifulambition a message, he’d be able to help you more with that. I got treated by Dr Chu throughout 2018 and got mild improvement and additional scarring as well. Unfortunately many in this forum seem to report similar issues. Also, I think he’s retired as of last year, which would explain people not mentioning him anymore.
  9. Hey, I don’t mean to sound harsh but your problem is not your scars but body dysmorphia. I’ve been there so I know how you feel, I had 3 microscopic ice pick scars that could barely be seen and let them rule my life. It was not until I had severe acne which gave me legit scarring that I realised I was out of touch with reality. Ironically I am much more confident now than I was with better skin, so it goes to show how much more psychological these things can be. Of course these things are f