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  1. Mine grows in nicely, but I'd rather look homeless than like I do right now. The redmarks are back with a vengeance and they're even more noticeable now. Combine that with my goddamn red cheeks and it looks like i sat too close to the fire. I feel really bad now because my grad is coming up soon and I don't want to look like this for it. Things just overall really fucking suck right now, I'm almost done my third month, I thought things would start to become exponentially better right now but its
  2. Day 85 I shaved today, which showed off all my beautiful red marks down my cheeks that I had all but forgotten about. The redness isn't too bad right now, but it could be better, and the red marks aren't super red for the most part so some of them kind of blend in to my natural skin tone in the right light. Its funny because whenever I shave my beard off I always look about 10 years younger than before haha real strange, for now I guess we'll have to see how my skin reacts to the shave, if ther
  3. Day 80 Well I just realized that I'm a little whiny bitch haha. Honestly, I don't know what I'm freaking out about because compared to when I started my skin looks fantastic, the redness on my cheeks seems to have moved to a specific area compared to, well, everywhere, and while there is still quite a few redmarks, most of them aren't that noticable, so overall I'd say things are going quite well. Which is good, since grad is in about 3 weeks. I think it's completely overrated, but hey, i have
  4. Day 75 URGGGHHH!!!! I've been having the same problem for the past two weeks, sometimes my skin looks really good, other times it goes right back to being awful again. I guess i wouldn't have thought much of it two months ago, but when it's getting so much better it's frustrating to have to go through these fluctuations like this. I have a feeling that the increase in redness is partly due to the sun, problem is i've tried moisturizers, regular sunscreen, everything and it all just seems to clo
  5. Day 70 Again, it all really depends on the time of day in terms of whether my redmarks really show up or not. Sometimes my face looks really good, other times its almost as red as when I started treatment. The kind of bittersweet news i guess is that there are a couple redmarks on my face that are a bit darker than the rest, and when i look at my face objectivelly i just focus on those ones and you barely notice the lighter ones, so i guess there's a silver lining in everything haha. I decrease
  6. Day 65 Sometimes my skin looks immaculate, sometimes not so much, but even then it still looks fairly good. I'm taking 50mg zinc tablets for my cheek redness, and even after just a couple days it already looks like its working, only problem is it's making me break out in a couple pimples, one gigantic one on my left cheek, which i'm convinced isn't just a coincidence since i haven't had any new zits in about a month, so I'm going to try a lower dosage of zinc and see how that affects me. Overal
  7. Day 60 Two months gone, kinda hard to believe, it seems like just last week i was in the derm's office being prescribed the stuff. Well, my face has gotten a bit more inflamed since last week, especially in terms of redness but I've all but given up on that for now because it changes from hour to hour. A hell of a lot of redmarks that were on my cheeks are completely gone, and others are starting to follow. Really, the only problem right now is the three inch space on my cheeks right by my nose
  8. I'm on 40 mg a day, it took about a month to kick in, which is pretty normal.
  9. Day 55 I'm beginning to notice an improvement each day, both in the redness on my cheeks and the redmarks all around. It's really quite amazing, it was all just going really slowly until last week when it decided to give me a break (fingers crossed). I'm starting to really notice a difference in the way i talk to people now too, i don't automatically feel like i need to look away. Overall, I'm doing quite well, soon enough I'll be completely clear after 4 years of this shit, I can't even imagin
  10. Day 50 I put my skin under the ultimate test today: the shave. I hadn't shaved in maybe a week so it was getting pretty scruffy, and usually once i shave when that happens my skin looks like someone took a lawnmower to it. This time it is definitely an improvement from usual, there are certainly more redmarks than you could see otherwise with my beard but it's absolutely not as drastic as I thought it would be. Other than that, the redness on my cheeks continues to look beautiful sometimes thro
  11. I'm not too crazy about anything with oil in it, my skin is very sensitive to anything like that, even light moisturizer just makes matters worse.
  12. Day 45 Yup, sure is getting there, it wasn't just a fluke thing. The redness is coming to the surface less often now, and compared to the redmarks i had before i would say they have halfed, and now i'd even say that the general quality of my skin is looking better, and very happy to say that it looks like there will be minimal scarring. Oh accutane, if you were an attractive woman....yeah, I won't finish that sentence.
  13. Thanks man, and I must say, you're looking A LOT better yourself. There might be something to this whole accutane thing, eh haha.