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  1. Ok, i just realized we have those producst.. I'll try them
  2. It probably peeled and fell off. Does your face feel raw? By the way, why pay for a chemical peel at a Drs office? Take some Tazorac or Retin-A, slather it all over your face, and in 2-4 days, presto peelo. Your going to look like your molting more seriously than your parrot. Dead serious. My face doesnt feel raw, it's just like it used to be before the peeling. I'm not sure they sell those things here in Mexico, you know, in Mexico we only have salicylic acid , and those BP's are so s
  3. I got a chemical peeling last week (Last saturday) . The doctor used 50% glycolic acid, but it didn't doanything to my face, i mean, it didnt peel off. My face was red the next day after the peeling, and i felt it so dry during the week, but it did never peel off.
  4. Does anyone know when my skin is suppoused to peel if i got a peeling yesterday and the dermatologist used a 50% glycolic acid ?
  5. There are also some products that you can use everyday for exfoliate, and some other you only can use every week. It also depends on the product.
  6. Oh.. you just gotta be more patient. I think u shouldn't hav quit the accutane if you were in the fifth month, cuz suppously the treatment lasts 6 months and it gets worse while you're on it. I'm using proactiv and i think it works . I used it last year and i can tell u that in 4 months my face was completly acne free. Now i'm using it again and i'm on my second week.. I can see the improvement but it works slowly.. There's nothing like proactiv, i love it.
  7. Vitaclear are the capsules that proactiv sells in its website. Does anyone know if they work?
  8. omg, hav u tried using ice for the inflamation?
  9. Hi. I just wonder what this is. My dermatologists told my acne was about pustules and papules and this looks like a black papule (?). Will it be black for ever? I had one like that before and i kind of poped it and the blood and pus came out. then it just turn into a red mark (no scar). I'm not sure about what to do and i dont wanna hav that thing for so long.
  10. Well, one year ago, i started to use acne free. I used it 4 months: november, december, january and february. It wasn't working for me, made me break out so much and i had the worst acne ever (in that time). Also my face was really dry. In March i decided to use proactiv (i didn't know they were the same ingredients). Proactiv really helped me a lot.. My face started to clear, the dryness was still there, but i could get rid of it by april. Actually, by april and may, i had no acne!!! I just had
  11. I did work for me perfectly. I love it. You know what they say , that you hav to use it for months 'til u can see results.
  12. Hi. It worked for me so well. Last year i had acne and a tried using acne free which made me got lots of pimples and made my skin so dry that i left it. Then i try proactiv.. Proactiv was such a miracle for me then. I loved it. It cleared my skin. I can say: I HAD NO ACNE !! I used for 6 months and it was working so well, but i had to stop using it because they dont sell it in mexico (i moved to mexico).
  13. Where hav u gone? Maybe u dont hav acne anymore and that's why u dont come again.

  14. gambit


    Woow u're doin good
  15. gambit


    Hey! My acne is just like yours but with more pimples. I can tell u i dont hav any scars yet, but red marks . I can send u pics if u want to.
  16. Did u get more acne during accutane than before using it?
  17. well, lot's of people would give everything to hav their faces like yours man.
  18. yea man you're doin good. The red marks are leaving and i see less inflamation but i'm not sure if u had it.