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  1. what is wrong with you guys. xD I feel like im in a game of mafia and dont know who to trust. at least i can eat my popcorn and enjoy the show At the end of the day, just go to a trusted doctor and do your homework. these are all random people on the internet and who knows, maybe every account here is a BA burner and one side is using reverse psychology to trick us into thinking they dont like BA just so we defend BA. just find a doctor in person and dont listen to these ppl cuz this is jus
  2. can laser be used to get rid of the coloring of hypertrophic scars/keloids? that is what ive heard but havent heard much about it. if it can, does it make it the color of the surrounding skin and blends it in completely? if not, what else can make the color of the hypertrophic scar the color of the surrounding skin?
  3. They are kinda deep so microneedling (though it may be slightly helpful) will most likely not create enough collagen to fade it well. It the best way TCA cross? its more of a boxcar scars. i heard you cant put filler here becuase there is a chance you go blind. ive also heard of people using filler so is it a situation of at your own risk? also is subscision dangerous in the temple as it can potentially cuase blindness as well if you sever some nerve? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know if there is any correlation between vaping and acne/scarring. i know cigarettes is horrible for your skin but what about vaping? did anyone here vape and noticed there skin get worse or stop vaping and their skin get better or vaping caused nothing to happen.
  5. ok. also i got a steroid shot for a keloid and am wondering is it necessary to get silicone scar sheets and wear them as well? thanks
  6. ok ty. also she said to avoid any of my presciption stuff like tretenontin but should i avoid moisturizing cream after i shower too? I'm probbaly going to call her anyways but in case she doesnt pick up should i be using cream?
  7. Hi I just had my first micro needling treatment. My doctor said i actually responded very well to it which is good. hopefully the results increase and sustain. I am wondering though is there a lot of swelling after microneedling that once it is worn down, the results won't acutally be that good? I noticed that my skin does look better (though i had the treatment about 3 hours ago) and am wondering if this is due to swelling. I read that this is the case with subsicion but havent s
  8. hi i have heard a lot about cortisone steroid shots for acne keloids and have gotten them before and it made it smaller but did grow back eventually. the one i have is kinda small but am wondering if it is possible to compeltely flatten it (like evens out completely with skin and you can not feel it anymore) or steroid shots only make it smaller but never completely flat. also i know it is usually a different color from surrounding skin so have heard laser helps with this. does the laser chan