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  1. OMG, this is crazy At least you know now! Wonder how many strugglers out there don't know they are allergic to the very thing they are trying to solve their problems with!
  2. Like everyone else is saying - you're doing great, you're on strong meds and you're on route to getting results! The scars really aren't extreme, there are profiles on Instagram of people showing off their scars with pride, and they are a lot worse. They overcame it with their attitude! <3 Don't overthink it, it's REALLY not that bad! Profiles that help promote skin confidence while experiencing serious acne scarring: mynameisjustp, lounorthcote, acnetain, abis_acne or ivyblooms - and th
  3. Good for you! I tried Sulphur Skin Care Duo and... it never helped me with anything!
  4. What did they give you to help it? So was it just antihistamines? To Author: did you eventually have any results with your acne?
  5. Hey Lizzie, that sounds awful :-( I know what you're going through. I heard a lot about blue light, but what worked for me was salicylic acid and LOTS of Vit C. Not always an easy path, but I notice when I keep this up the spots aren't as agressive when they do appear... I'm also starting micelar oil for removing make up - I found out micelar water can dry your skin and you overproduce oil! Keep your chin up. You talk a lot about oil-free stuff - I find using oil has helped me. Oil-free