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  1. Can you share your experience with Genuine dermaroller http://www.genuinedermaroller.co.uk/ Can you recommend a specific clinic or medical professional performing this. Thank you!
  2. As far as I remember someone mentioned around 100$ per treatment. You can contact them: http://www.transitionspmc.com/ I plan to schedule a treatment as soon as I'm in NYC.
  3. Hello, Can someone recommend a needling expert in Europe. I remember that you mentioned Frank from NYC some time ago. Is there someone good and experienced in Europe? London, Germany, Austria??? Thanks!!!
  4. I didn't perform it by myself but by a bad dermatologist:( Anyway I was lucky I didn't get more scarring that I had originally. 4meracneguy Thanks for your advise. Good idea! I haven't thpught about that.
  5. ivana

    Genesis Laser

    Hi Tracy, I plan to do Genesis treatment so will get back to you aftewards.
  6. I have a bad experience with TCA pilling that left me with some hypopigmented spots (some smaller skin parts lost color). Is it possible to get back normal skin color? Is there any cream or treatment?
  7. Hi, does someone have experience with Genesis Laser? Does it improves the acne scarring? They said it stimulates the collagen production.
  8. Please share if you have any experience with Obagi. TNX
  9. Do you have experience with Obagi cosmetics and blue peel?
  10. Can Diamond Peel Versus Crystal Microderm Abrasion improve shallow acne scarring and skin texture? Please share your experience. Thank you!
  11. Pls answer on those questions based on your experience: 1. why doctors insist on full face fraxel treatment instaed treating only problem areas? 2. is it normal to have dry skin after fraxel nonablative treatment and for how long? 3. does fraxel change type of the skin, actually can it make skin dry long term or this is only temporarly? 4. is it possible that hyperpigmentation appear several months after the treatment? Thank you so much for your help!
  12. Hi, It was TCA, not TCA cross. Doctor used high percentage, probably 30% but she didn't have enough experience. Thanks God that everything ended up without permanent consequences. But, never again...I decided to concentrate on bio products that can improve skin texture. Good luck to all!
  13. Just to share my experience..I had two TCA peelings and had good results. Then I had third TCA performed by different doctor and it was disaster - I had terrible side effect. Got new scars and skin hypopigmentation lasting long time after the treatment. Thanks God that my skin recovered so newly formed scars are filled with skin. I still have few hypopigmentation spots but it's getting better. I had that TCS 1,5 year ago and after that I don't want to have any TCA never again. Just few days ago
  14. Hello, Can anyone explain what is difference between saline injections and fillers (e.g. restylane)? Thank you.
  15. Hi, I just had fraxel treatment - Erbium Glass non ablative (probably that is Re:store). I have mild scarring in T-zone. The treatment wasn't pleasant but it wasn't so much painful as well. Today is my second day, the skin is still a bit iritated but I can go out normally. Is it normal that skin is dry after the treatment? Why doctors insist on treating the whole face instead only problem area? I've heard so many different stories so it seems that every treatment has different effect for every