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  1. https://www.amazon.com/NuDerma-Skin-Therapy-Wand-Tightening/dp/B06W5PD1KY/ I read somewhere that electrosurgery can help atrophic scars. Well this is the closest thing to it and judging by other products that nuderma put up alot of people seem to think it works well in different ways. What do you think? It's a high frequency wand?
  2. Supposedly the doc I went to was the "best" in laser. Wasted my money. I was debating Dr Rullan and yes I was recommended the PC but it's a huge risk. That's why I chose the doc I went to instead - from most posts I see, people's scars get deeper from TCA/Crosses in general and since mine isn't too bad I was HOPING my doc would do a good job with laser but I literally see my scars have gotten worse. Huge disappointment. I'll look into Rullan again, I'm just very hesitant with crosses.
  3. I posted a photo on the first page if you want to take a look.
  4. No I didn't have Dr Rullan do my face. I am trying to get in touch with them to come to a mediation - if things don't resolve I will be posting the doctor here.
  5. Really? Oh geez! I haven't browsed this forum in months until today, I guess people are starting to realize these doctors are full of sh*t. I'm going to post some more methods of possible skin aiding Another one I wanted to mention is MSM cream + rosehip oil
  6. I'm sorry I totally agree it sucks. I know bellafill is a permanent filler that can be injected into certain holes - none of our skins will be perfect but there is always room for improvement. That's why hopefully I can get more people to help build this topic up and we can find other ways to help aid our scars
  7. Yeah lighting can definitely influence your pics
  8. Shoot it would probably take a BUNCH of punch incisions to see some decent results to be honest. I did 2 lasers and I barely saw results with mine then I wouldn't even recommend it for you. How much did doc quote you on punch excision?
  9. Honestly I have not had a punch excision, the closest one is a subcision but just for a bit of tethering. I don't believe there is a risk to it? Just punching through a hole with a tool right?
  10. 100% if you got MORE holes or DEEPER then you put waaay too high percentage on it. Way back I talked to one of Dr Rullan's assistants and she told me that you need to start on a low tca or else you will have big ole pits. But I've been very hesitant to do tca - big risk.
  11. I'll definitely look into the syringe method! Man it sucks, hate how these doctors don't find something more solid proof to fix these scars. But they come up with a million ways to improve lip fillers and create stupid body contouring wraps? *rolls eyes*
  12. i was debating starting off like ssuuupper light maybe dilute 15% tca and do the bottom scar as a test. What is the tca process again? I just dab a tooth pick and leave it on my face for 2 minutes? 100% tca is tooo strong!! that could burn through your tissue and leave a hole. you have to start off very small like 5 %, then 10% and work your way up.
  13. Microneedling has risks to some skin too though. It can cause more scarring - which did so in my case. Also I did it for about a year and a half and I didn't see much of a chunky result. It just doesn't hit the scars deep enough. Very superficial off the surface
  14. Actually let me post my updated face after the 2 BS procedures that I got.
  15. I made a post - I feel that if alot of us can research and work together, maybe we can find a much cheaper and alternative cure. I have alot of articles that I want to post that I feel MAYBE can help naturally! These doctors are scamming us! Also, Microneedling is BS did a full year and a half and no results
  16. For example, chinese mapping indicates that the cheeks (where acne scars are) are connected to the stomach and lungs. So maybe stomach problems or smoking/not getting enough fresh air can aid this overtime? Kombucha for aiding stomach health? I also read an article stating that glycolic and retinoic acid together can help scars Also what about eating collagen powder? The one with whitefish in it?
  17. Deeper cuts, lots of redness, bigger pores. My doctor claimed to be an "acne scar specialist" then found out she was manipulating her yelp reviews and removed all of her "acne scar specialist" BS proganda on her page.
  18. did 2 rounds of laser and subcision, my skin got worse. not worth the money. we're doomed and fated to have bad skin.
  19. I did 2 laser surgeries and a subcision with a crappy doctor in la jolla and my acne scars got a little worse. 2 profractional + erbium. The lasers were repeated twice over a 7 month time span. Seriously, is there ANYONE or ANYTHING that can help with these scars? TCA cross may deepen my existing scars. I'm screwed! There's no other options for me! WHY DONT DOCTORS FIND LESS RISKY WAYS TO FIX THIS PROBLEM??????? Not only that but after looking at these forums, I literally havent
  20. Hi this is my last topic. I read that there are some doctors who are VERY good at fillers - such as bellafill, etc. to cover acne scars. Does anyone know any good doctors who are skilled in this? Doesn't matter which area or state. Thank you
  21. Are there any people who have experiences with him here? Any videos or photos? I'll check him out
  22. Hello, I have some minor ice pick scars, box scars, etc. on my face. I am looking for a very good doctor in California that is excellent in fixing these areas. I want to make sure that the doctor go to 100% does not mess up my face. Does anyone have any recommendations? Doesn't matter where in California, I just need the best list of doctors. I have photos of my face on my previous thread that I have on my profile Thank you