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  1. Still no tubes? I've been holding out re-ordering hoping the tubes will be available again. I got the bottle last time since there was no choice, and really dislike it. Takes up more space in the bathroom since it has to stand upright, and the pump makes a mess when packed. I also don't like the pumps being one more piece of plastic that can't be recycled which get tossed into landfills. If you insist on bottles, can't there be refill bottles without pumps, so you can just transfer the pump fro
  2. Please bring back the tubes, even a smaller version too. I travel a lot on weekends and camp, and the tubes are easier to pack. It'd be nice if you could make a tube with a larger opening so it could be refilled from a larger bottle or something, like what I do for sunscreen. I just don't have room for a giant bottle of something even in my tiny bathroom at home. Thanks. I really depend on this stuff!