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  1. i feel 6 years too late if any does see this though i have a few things id like to share i also feel i may be developing orthorexia. i have many of the same dietary restrictions. -low sodium intake (no added salt, low sodium, ect.) -low sugar (same concept as salt) -no high glycemic index foods -no oils, no refined sugars, artificial colors, no dairy, no soy i am doing this yes in hopes of clearing my severe cystic acne, however i also have had a terrib
  2. "it doesnt phase me in the slightest... nothing is ever gonna make me think you arent the most beautiful woman ive ever laid my eyes on " - my bf "no one notices the flaws you hate so much as much as you do" - friend those are my top ones
  3. my life would definitely have been easier. but i hesitate to say better i always try to remember everything happens for a reason and i wouldn't be where i am today if it weren't for everything that has happened in my life. like the butterfly effect. my life would've been a lot less stressful, like a lot but then i try to find the good in things and i remember that have acne has taught be many many lessons patience, endurance, faith, trust, hard work, sel
  4. when me and my current bf started dating i had practically perfect skin, other than a few minor breakouts just normal teen kinda stuff. We've now been together over a year and in that time i have broken out severely and now suffer from severe acne and hyperpigmentation. And my bf with 100% flawless skin hasnt said anything about it. other than the times when ive shown obvious insecurity towards my appearence. and in those times he reassures me i am perfect, and the most beautiful girl hes ever s