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  1. http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/172/dcam0146tp4.jpg ^ pic there...its not acne...doesnt look like Pityrosporum Folliculitis also has some white skin colored bumps
  2. so i dont know if this has anything to do with it but my left rib bone is poking out...and i never noticed it..maybe its been like that. But usually after i eat or something it hurts over there..like its bloated. Anyone experience this?
  3. I'm currently on accutane and my acne has died down a lot. I know what i have on my back/ass/chest is not acne. Its little small bumps, some are skin colored, some are kinda pink. I heard accutane helps PF but it hasn't changed at all. What products should i try? I'm thinking mandelic acid or nizoral shampoo and PG 50% water thing. I used lotion (cetaphil) with PG tho and it doesnt seem to have helped. How long should i try each solution before deciding if it works or not? a month? Pic :http:/
  4. i head you just have to go back to your dermatologist and get another one?
  5. lmao, thanks for not saying anything related to my post
  6. for the 3 months ive been on accutane, 60mg a day, i have been fine. Only dry lips/redness. Now at the end of my third month i've been getting headaches,blood in my stool, abdominal pain after i eat. Also i dont know if this has anything to do with it but theres bruising around where the needle was for my blood test ( never happened before during accutane). I've stopped taking it for 2 days gonna tell me derm about it at my next appointment. Should i stop completely or maybe try taking 1 a
  7. i have that on my chest, and back , and alot of places... dont know what it is either, im thinking its kp or folliticus.
  8. i think i have that fungus , skin colored bumps on my chest and back and i was thinking of using Ketoconazole but is it okay to use with accutane? b o btw one question, what does accutane do to keratosis pilaris?
  9. Im thinking about getting that eucerin lotion with aha, because my skin is really dry plus, i have keratosis pilaris ( i heard it helps this?) i wanted to know if it is okay to use with accutane.
  10. yes i do bench, and i also have bacne (yes i realize that doesnt help my point), but im pretty sure benching is not going to do anything to your acne.