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  1. i've been thinking about using somethign with kinetin to help with my red marks and uneven skin tone.. should i go for it? I want to try the product from The Body Shop 24 hour treatment with kinetin. i read great reviews for it at makeupalley.com... and i tried a tester on my hand and my hand was left very softt and not greasy..have any of you had good results with kinetin? any recommendations on some products? thanks in advance!
  2. hello! i bought a green correcting concealer for red marks from Physician's Forumla? or something like that... but it came with a 2 in one in this shape of a lipstick. One side was the green , and the other was the peachy colored one. So i found that it covers my red marks better if i first dot on the green concealer and THEn put on the peach, and then cover it up with foundation.( i just use Covergirl's Clean make up... it's alright) you can't even tell i ever had those dreadful red marks! haa
  3. have any of you guys tried this product? i found about it on www.makeupalley.com it has real great results for red marks and evening out skin tone and for acne and it's a favorite among the boards there! it has glycolic acid and azelaic acid, and salicylic acid? i'm sorry i forgot the ingredients, but they have it at www.dermstore.com. mAN! and i just bought my lactic acid from MUAC, right wen i find something better..... i really want to try it out, but they sell it for 39.99 for 1 oz. of it..
  4. oh no! i picked at ANOTHER ONE! and this time it was one of those that are underneath the skin, it doens't stick out to a tip or anything, but its just those lumpy ones underneath the skin, usually you can't tell if you have one, but it hurts like a bruise and it's sorta red. well i felt it between my eyebrows so i picked at it last night and it was the size of a dime.. and this mornign wen i woke up, it was the size of a quarter! and now it feels as though its spreading down my nose.. becuase
  5. hello! have any of you tried these? for the clear complexion, they cost 68 dollars (US) and they cost $72 (US) for the retexturizing... but i don't know which one to choose because i cannot find information on how muh percentage of glycolics is used. you can check out the product on www.sephora.com (search Ellen Lange on product search) and i read great reviews on it at makeupalley.com. it has a little set with the peel accelerator pads, glycolic solution you apply with a brush(uncluded), post
  6. sorry for asking so many similar questions, i promise this will be the last one! anywaysss i am getting confused between these acids..... is glycolic acid at 50% better for fading RED marks? or is Lactic acid at 55% better for fading them.....?? or is lactic better for fading away ONLY brown hyperpigmentation from the sun? which one gives results faster?
  7. yes! i have tried it for red marks left from picking at acne, but i dont think it works that well... i used it last summer , applied it 4 times a day and my marks went away in 3 months or so, and they were fresh new marks. but i think they make your scars look even more red. well it did for me, until about 3 months later, they were gone. but i think the vinegar method helps fade away red marks more.. i think im going to try out lactic acid
  8. i think you might want to do a board search or just look at the FAQ at the top of this board =) Sorry i'm new here, so i don't really know much. but thats all i know. hope that helped!!
  9. to get rid of my acne red hyperpigmentation, i think im going to try out using the lactic acid 55% at ph level of 2.4 from makeupartistschoice.com. I was wondering if anyone uses this and how long it takes to see any results. do you put it all over the face? or just spot treat it? Also, wat kind of texture is it? liquidy? gel? serum like? PLEASE help answer these questions, i e-mailed them, but have yet to receive any answers. i would like to purchase this on monday, thank you.
  10. hello! after looking around at this board, i've decided to try out Lactic Acid peels for my red marks. i have no active acne, but just red marks and i was wondering if this could help fade them away effectively in a reasonable amount of time. I looked at makeupartistschoice.com from a post made by Oursfan (thanks!) and i was wondering which percentage was the most effective? I've tried Glycolic acid at 10% and nothing happened, i dont think i have sensitive skin either, i do A LOT of crap to i
  11. wow! really? i just want to do one treatment and just get rid of these red marks for once and for all! i'm tired of trying all these products that do crap for my red marks! i have no active acne, and no scars like ice-pick scars or rolling scars or anything. jsut red marks! why do they have to be red!?!?!?! gosh! yes and darkangel, i saw the at-home microdermabrasion at target before also, but i took a look at it, and it didn't seem all that great. but L'Oreal is coming with a product called Ref
  12. is microdermabrasion effective in getting rid of the redness left over from acne? these red marks are driving me crazy!!!!! some of them i've had about 6 months ago and they still won't leave! during the summer last year, i had some red marks, but they left in 3 months time! but maybe becuase i was using 2% salicylic acid pads morning and night..... anyways, do you guys know of any at-home microdermbrasion? or are peels better? the ones on my cheeks are bothering me the most.. i have 6 on my rig
  13. helllllllo i am new here! and i have visited this board before, but i am now registering. i have been using the ACV on my red marks for about two weeks, but see little improvement. but i'm also using glycolic acid, mederma..... etc. i thin i am using too much... i am THROUGH with trying all these products for months and months and leave me with little improvements, so i would like to know which method heals the red scars in the fastest time? thank you! i am also thinking about getting th