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  1. Hi tasha, Have you considered taking supplements? More specifically these 3 supplements: Blemless https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blemless-Supplements-Tablets-Complexion-Blemishes/dp/B07CKV68HG Zinc https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tablets-Swallow-Gluconate-Nu-Nutrition/dp/B01GG7RFC6/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=25mg+zinc+gluconate&qid=1590488835&sprefix=25mg+z&sr=8-5 Omega 3 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Strength-Softgel-Capsules-Nu-Nutritio
  2. Just to chime in on the whole supplement thing... Blemless ( found on Amazon ) has done wonders for my skin and contains vit A amongst other ingredients to combat acne. I have found taking 1 blemless tablet, along with 25mg zinc and 1 omega 3 tablet daily to be amazing at getting rid of spots and improving overall skin complexion.
  3. I'm a guy and I do this every evening. My oil is a homemade mix of 30% castor, 30% hempseed and 30% jojoba, all organic cold pressed oils. I follow it with a vitamin c and hyaluronic acid serum. Mornings I simply splash with water and use a little moisteriser, honestly my skin has never been better. Sex for me is a trigger of acne, in fact I believe hormones are the main trigger for most acne. Recently me and my girlfriend were at it every day for 4 days and I broke out a li
  4. Have you tried oil cleansing?
  5. I said, to quote myself, "food has very little to do with acne". I didn't say it has nothing to do with acne. On the contrary, I believe certain foods can trigger acne, however the condition of your skin will determine what type of acne flares up. Certain foods can and will release certain toxins or have hormonal impacts that can cause inflammation, which in turn can cause acne. If your skin is in a bad way then the breakouts can be severe, if your skin is in a good way then the breakouts
  6. Dont worry about what you eat, food has very little to do with acne. My bro is overweight, lives on pot noodles and cakes yet has flawless skin lol. My recommendation to get rid of your acne is something that I have been doing now for a little while now, that has given me the best skin of my life ( I'm a guy btw). That is oil cleansing... It's a scary thought putting oil all over your skin at first, goes against everything we've been taught. Seriously though, it actually wor
  7. Depends if you are Male or female. Females with an active sexual life will get benefits for their skin as sex is mainly emotional for them and gives them a feel good factor. For men it's not so good as during sex and especially upon orgasm, we release alot of essential nutrients from our body, as well as create a large amount of hormones that can make our skin look bad and make us feel very tired. A rule of thumb as a male is follow the 7 day rule. Only have sex or masterbate wit
  8. I had one of those, horrible buggars. I put an ice cube on it, 3 or 4 times daily which helped alot to reduce the swelling. Then at night put a pimple patch on it. After 5 or 6 days it finally went down, but I actually still have the scar from it as this was a couple of months ago. Waiting for some sunshine to make the mark disappear.
  9. The great thing about washing with just water is that after several weeks you get a much better idea of your skin type. My large, inflamed, under the skin type of spots have completely disappeared since I started washing with just water. At about week 5 though I started getting several spots on my face at a time but they were just very small whiteheads that disappear very quickly. What I realised though that around the spots the skin was dry and flaky and that was actually my lightbul
  10. Do you see what I'm saying now? That stuff is destroying your skin. Go simple and natural matey, let your skin heal. You want better skin or not? I'm 34 now, had acne since 13 years old and only just got better this year. Iv tried everything from accutane, proactive, retinols ( good for healing acne Mark's but not curing acne ) , every face wash, moisteriser, serum etc under the sun. I have spent countless days researching acne, scars, cures, products, ingredients and finally ca
  11. Another article... https://www.google.com/amp/www.etherealauraspa.com/blog/proactiv%3fformat=amp
  12. A nice little article on pro active.. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6565461/amp/Proactiv-skin-care-brand-faced-controversy-ads-allergy-fears.html Interestingly named by the FDA in USA as one of the brands that can cause serious allergic reactions on some people, in fact nearly 50% of people report adverse effects in including skin burns. Ever considered you may be one of those people? Scars don't just appear unless your damaging your skin. Also did
  13. I live in uk also. War paint for men makeup is made in uk, it was on dragons den. How do you know your acne isn't under control already? You don't until you stop using products. Take my advice or leave it, up to you. Being from the uk did you know proactive have pulled out of the uk market and you will soon find it very difficult to get their products. Just a thought. If you want to heal some of those Marks on your face, I would suggest a strong retinol serum, though not ad
  14. Doubt its sun damage. Iv worked outdoors for 15 years, hardly ever wear suncream with minimal sun damage. The freckles are however hyperpigmentation caused by the sun. I still stand by my proactive comment. Its harsh stuff and made my skin look crap, exactly like you I had random scars appear on my face. Using nothing but water and your hands is the best thing for your skin. Its completely natural, non irritating and a perfectly good way of removing surface dirt and pollution. Honestly
  15. Stop using every cleanser, serum, moisteriser, spot treatment, basically everything. Wash face twice a day with warm (not hot) water and use your hands (clean) to wipe around your face whilst splashing water. Pat your face dry and leave. If applying make up then remove in the evening with a baby wipe then repeat water wash method. In 4 weeks little to no acne. You can thank me then