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  1. I know it will sound weird, but for me, a combination of ice directly on the swollen area combined with sleeping with toothpaste on the area overnight worked. Don't know if the toothpaste actually had an effect, but I got the advice from someone else who dealt with acne cysts.
  2. I did see an improvement when only washing with water and moisturizing, I'm gonna try it again. Too many creams and solutions might indeed do more harm than good.
  3. You really made me curious, I'm definitely going to try it out too, but honestly I'm skeptical. Nothing really does wonders, after all, and all solutions seem rather temporary when it comes to treating acne.
  4. A friend had a similar issue, go to a pharmacy and they'll give you a few creams that will tone the rash down. It's most likely a sort of allergic reaction.
  5. Honestly, you should, but chances are that you won't receive your money back. Tough luck, seriously, some people are just completely oblivious to the harm they do to others.