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  1. i quit eating wheat and dairy and avoid refined/cane sugar as much as possible. i also squeeze a lemon a day in water or tea or whatever, and ive been taking DIM for almost two months but im not sure i really need it now that i fixed my diet up. yyeaap. hopefully the apple cider vinegar will take care of red makrs and then ill be good to go.
  2. i just wanted to say to anyone who just started reading this forum that you are finally going to figure it because i think this place has so many different solutions that after trial and erroryou're sure to find what works for you. for me it took a lot of error but i finally figured it out after a month or two of reading this forum for like twenty minutes every day. thank you everyone. especially dotty1 and lilivg or whatever your name is.
  3. i was reading about aspirin because i am doing an aspirin mask and wanted to know more about it, and i know its anti inflammatory and so itll make irritated areas less red, but i also read that it is anti-clotting, as in blood-clotting, and post acne red marks are blood that wont clot under your s kin, so i was wondering, is anyone that does a moderate amount of aspirin masking experiencing seemingly permanent post acne red marks? id like to know so i know how effective the mask is in the long
  4. so is PGX like the bees knees? is it as good as DIM? who's got feed back for me?? THANKS
  5. haha i saw those colonix pictures and wondered who on earth would pull their nasty fecal waste out of the toilet and lay it along the toilet seat to take a picture. to answer your question though... i started the 10 day master cleanser yesterday, i posted about it earlier. ill let you know how it works.
  6. has anyone done the ten day master cleanser fast? it's where you mix 2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon, 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne ppper, 2 tablespoons of organic grade b maple syrup, and 10 oz of warm water. if you drink that 6-12 times a day for ten days, it's supposed to clean your whole digestive system and help it regain its ability to absorb nutrients. i started DIM 2 weeks ago and i'm like 85% cleared up, but i dont want to be dependant on a supplement forever. The guy who made th
  7. it's been one week for me taking 100mg per day of nature's way DIM plus and it actually worked, my skin is all smooth except two bumps on the side of my face that are going away and i had very persistent moderate acne. last night was the first time in a while i had refined sugar, so in a couple days we'll see what happens. it's also been giving me energy all day long and my anxiety is gone. so i guess i'm just learning that a lot of my problems were from hormone imbalances. does anyone have a
  8. i started to use vitamin K cream to get rid of the post acne red marks. i havent seen much for results, but i only used it for about a week straight, then on and off for the second week because i thought it mightve been breaking me out. if you're interested in it for the red marks, i hear that glycolic acid works better and is also good for clearing acne. but i havent tried it yet.
  9. i started using just plain jojoba oil two weeks ago and ive only had a few new little spots as opposed to like three new ones a day. does lavender help to fade the post acne red marks?
  10. Vitamin K cream? (for red marks) does it work?
  11. get Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar. if you cant find it, anything organic is best because it has "the mother" in it, which is stuff that they strain out of the not-organic kind, its ilke stringy brown stuff which sounds gross but thats where most of the nutrients are.
  12. ive been asking around about this too and have been told that Vitamin K cream and glycolic acid both work well. i just started vitamin K cream yesterday, if you want i'll let you know how that goes. i'm also using jojoba oil, which keeps the skin nice and hydrated so might speed along the process? oh yeah i heard baking soda helps too.
  13. take vitamin A too, you should get cod liver oil, it's got vitamin A and D and omegas in it too. out of all the vitamins i took, cod liver oil showed me the most results in the quickest amount of time. which was like a week or so.
  14. i started using jojoba oil less than a week ago and my break outs are like 70% less than what they were. I'm knocking on wood as i say that i think it took care of my acne and now i just have to worry about the red marks. which i hear jojoba oil works wonders for, haaa.