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  • Birthday 12/23/1987

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    Wallingford, CT
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    Football, Track, movies, video games...lol, reading, chillin out with my crew, partying, and just havin a good time ;D
  1. sam_h

    post accutane

    after the regimen
  2. hey heyyy just droppin by to show some love...i havent been on here in a WHILEE..i got some new pics..ill def update so you can take a look =)

  3. Heya, you lookin' fine. But then again I always thought you did, soo ... ;)

  4. well i can't really see your skin cuz in your pictures your kinda far. but im guessing progress is good?

  5. heyyy check out my new progress pics =)

  6. heyyy check out my new progress pics =)

  7. heyy...i put up some progress pics. they're post accutane..check em out ;D

  8. sam_h

    my accutane pics

    my skin progress
  9. Hey I have visited your page a few time to see if you have put up any new pics....obviously not...lol but i was wondering how your progress is doing and what month you are currently in??

  10. yo wuddup man hows accutane workin for ya? is ur skin gettin dry and all that? ight hit me bak pce

  11. hey glad to hear you are already starting to see an improvement- that was quick!!!

    sorry about my rantin last post!!

    anyways yeh pics would eb good- cant wait for us both to be clear!!!


  12. its goin real good...hopefully i can post up some result pics...its still here but hopefully it'll be gone by june when i come off the tane. damn...that sucks about the contraceptive......but we'll both be clear soon ;D

  13. hey- well stupidly i have to take this contraceptive pill for 2 monthes before i can start - even tho i have already done a preg test- i could be half way thru treatment already by then!!!

    anywqays- hows yours going?

    hopefully good!!!