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  1. This is just so that anyone who stops by my blog or profile can put a face to a name =)
  2. perfectionista

    Fraxel, round 2

    Unfortunately I didn't get any before pictures.... Also I really don't want to dig around for any pictures of what I once looked like w/o make up on. Just trust me, it wasn't pretty. Anyways this album is show casing the healing process after my second Fraxel treatment!
  3. I'm just kiddin, try Vitamin C, B, A, E, Ice, Aloe Vera, Urine, AHA. Take you're pick. OTC vitamins taken orally are not going to reduce acne nor inflammation. Topical vitamins can help, but it depends on the forumulation and you should do a lot of research and read a lot of reviews to pick an effective one. Vitamin C preparations can help clear the skin by encouraging collagen production. Vitamin A is what is in retinoids. I have never found Vitamin E to help and it is often in an oi
  4. I actually just bought like 2300 tanning points yesterday. Honestly, I know that tanning isn't good for me, I also know that smoking isn't good for me and I accept that I'm high risk for cancer. I love tanning very much, I just feel so much more confident when I have a tan, my acne goes down, and my back gets 100% clear. during the winter I tan like once a month just to deal with SAD (I live in Vancouver BC, we only have sun like 15% of the year... sue me...). Anyways I guess what I'm trying