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  1. Day 2, Week 2 Face is looking clearer and clearer as I go on. The moisturizer burns still, but it's not like the first week when I literally thought "Yep, time to apply the liquid pain". I'll get a new pic up as soon as possible .
  2. I'll try and post a new picture today, and thanks for the compliment .
  3. Day 1, Week 2 Ramped up the dosage today. Doesn't really feel much different than half a finger, but I'm sure it works a lot better . Acne on the lower left of my face is getting a lot better, and the burning feeling after moisturizing isn't nearly as bad.
  4. Day 7, Week 1 Well, I'm at the end of the first week. My acne is doing a lot better than when I first started. My skin has gotten used to the BP, and although my skin burns for a few min after I apply the moisturizer, it's getting less and less severe. I tried adding more moisturizer, and that seemed to help the dryness. I guess tommorrow I ramp up the dosage of BP .
  5. Day 6, Week 1 Acne is slowly fading still. My face is DRY.. EXTREMELY dried out. Even after the moisturizer, it's still flakey, peeling, ect. It burns less, but I hope that this dryness is temporary.
  6. I need a good moisturizer since Neutrogena doesn't do a very good job. =/
  7. Note to self: Take a NEW PIC today to show what I mean. Below my lip is tons of acne.. That pic was taken a couple of months ago x_x I only put it up because it's the only one I got. Sorry it made you feel horrible :S I DO have acne, that pic just doesn't show it much x_x. It used to be quite bad to the point where my father *not a nice man..* would mock it. It's toned down quite a bit, but now it's on the lower half of my face, and it's quite persistant.
  8. Day 5, Week 1 Ok, it's the moisturizer combined with the BP that's burning my face so much. The burning is getting less severe, but it still hurts like hell. The BP alone just makes my skin dry and flakey, and it kinda hurts to stretch out my facial muscles. But when you add the moisturizer.. It's painful. I'm not sure if there's something in this moisturizer that's making me react badly or something.. But if this burning doesn't stop by the end of week 2, I'm switching moisturizers.. And if th
  9. After about 10 minutes, yes. At first I thought "Would that just.. Wash it out?" But then I recall the fact that swimming doesn't require you to reapply... So why should a quick rinse of water?
  10. WOW. Rinsing your face with cold water before and after the application of the moisturiser really helps, I mean REALLY helps. My face feels smooth and it doesn't hurt at all! *or very little* Since the BP and the moisturiser get obsorbed into your skin, it really shouldn't present much of a problem. It almost feels like it gets rid of a film left on your face that really causes pain. I'm really pleased with this. I mean, if swimming doesn't cause reason for re-applying, why should rinsing your
  11. Hmmm.. It's not the BP.. It's the moisturiser MIXED with the BP. I'm gonna try washing my face 15 min after applying the BP, then drying to a damp texture, and applying the moisturiser. BE SPARING with the moisturiser. Very.
  12. *looks through pages of your log* Wow, you had an jerk or two posting in here, didn't ya =S. You might wanna try the regimine again.. I've just started it about 4 days ago, and I have to say it really burns. But I've read so much about how that passes and you just gotta wait it out for about two weeks, so I'm gonna give it a fair chance. So how's your acne right now? o.o
  13. I'm on about day four I believe, since I started the regimine. Some of my acne has shrunk, some is the same, some is still sprouting. *shrug* The first 2 days I had no problems, my acne seemed to be getting better, and it didn't burn or itch one bit.. But now, it REALLY burns, especially after I put on the moisturiser. I'm using a half-finger like instructed, On-The-Spot BP and Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser, and Cetaphil Cleansing Bar. I also got some Biore Nose Strips *because I got some ser
  14. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturiser, the one he recommended for the beginning ;
  15. I'm on about day 5 of the regimine. The first couple of days didn't burn at all.. But now.. Ouch! I'm using half a finger just like instructed, but my face is red and burns quite moderately. For about 10 minutes after I put it on, it is SEVERE burning. It isn't that bad after 10 min, but it still is quite bad. My skin isn't peeling or anything.. It's just red and it burns. And the moisturiser makes it burn even more.. Is this normal for the first week? ><