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  1. My Skin was Unbearable on this

    It did help my acne to some extent but my face has never been in so much pain from using these products. It seriously hurt to even move my face. It's so harsh I couldn't even put make up on and my face was bright red.
  2. Luciana123

    Terrible Heart Burn

    Terrible Heart Burn

    Discontinued this as soon as it was safe to do so as I got absolutely terrible indigestion and heart burn. Had to sleep basically upright the whole time I was on it. Didn't see any drastic improvement in my skin. I have more recently been on Lymacyclin and it has been (as of yet) more tolerable. So If it's giving you side effects remember THERE ARE other oral antibiotic alternatives and also REMEMBER don't let your GP or dermatologist keep you on antibiotics for more that 3-6months they are supp
  3. Prefer the Epidue (Adapalene + BP) But not a cure

    One of my worst IB on this product when I first tried it. I remember seeing nodules pop up not knowing about IB and was thinking what is going on. It's a really slow burner. I think you are best getting the one with benzoyl peroxide which will be more beneficial for your initial break out and if you clear then go back to the retinoid alone. Epiduo did clear my skins for around 6 months but it came back as it always does. After long use it will probably reduce acne as it keeps your skin turning o
  4. The Best Thing for Broken Spots

    I don't use this as an acne treatment it only aggravates my acne. BUT if you ever break one of your pimples, whether by accident by scratching your face or with your wash cloth (heaven for bid purposefully ) THIS product will really really help your skin heal. It's both antibacterial and it also has healing properties like zinc to really help your skin mend! Anyone that suffers from acne needs this on standby at all times.
  5. Temporarely Effective

    Ive used this in the past and loved it. The best topical I have used to clear my acne. But My acne became immune to it after around 3 - 6 months and back I was at square one.
  6. Acne Came Back After Two Courses

    This drug was amazing and cleared my skin on both occasions rapidly. Side effects are not fun but you do it because its only for 6 months and then its 'cured' (sigh). Not the case for me at all. On both occasions the acne came back after 6 months. I am now 26 and I now and my acne is as bad as it ever was and is clustering on completely new parts of my face. How much I wished that this was my cure and this nightmare would be something of the past.
  7. I've always had a bit of a phobia about the idea of using birth control to help my acne. From what I have researched... It's only helpful for some women and the initial break out is usually worse than their previous acne with some people even claiming that it caused a lot of scarring. And then you're faced with the post pill acne which is reported by a lot of women to be, again, worse than what it was before BC. And even when you go through this very stressful ordeal you're hardly guaranteed to