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  1. Hey there, i left u a comment on your turnabout dance, but i forgot to ask, were you wearing benefit foundation that particular night and if so, what one was it (i dont mean the colour) Ive not tried it before but it looks amazing on you and I might give it a try!? Cheers xx

    1. your very welcome cutie!

      1. haha mon cher, you look like an older version of my little sister! bonjour by the way!

        1. thanks so much! it feels so awesome to know that i've made some sort of impact on someone. :) and it is sooo true about ppl with perfect skin.

          1. thanks for the tip! i'll definitely be tryin out that moisturizer. the products just seem so natural, and they really seem to work, also.

            1. Yay! That makes me so happy to hear that, because there is hope :)

              1. thanks! hope everythings goin okay with you :]

                1. haha thanks! 'cept that was me with cover-up on. but it's still been a big improvement since the accutane. just one more month to go!

                  1. haha im so sorry!! i have been so busy, i was sick from school lately and ive been busy trying to catch up, etc. !

                    1. write me your novel girllll!!!