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  1. Thank you to everyone. I gotta say, my face stayed tender for a while! It took almost two weeks for me to feel comfortable moving my face all the way. For a good 4 days or so, opening my mouth to laugh or smile or eat was SUPER uncomfortable. Next time, I will stock up on smoothies and meal replacement shakes because my cheeks were SORE. Even after the 4 days, I felt like I had to sleep on my back and be extremely careful when washing my face. Everyone's pain tolerance an
  2. the scarring is coming back, but in my opinion it's not as "harsh" as it was before...
  3. I did not get sculptra. I will do suction when my face doesn't hurt. It's still tender. I am planning on doing as many as I can afford. I made a collage. I honestly did not anticipate how tender my cheeks would be. I felt like I couldn't laugh or smile for a good 4 days. totally worth it, but I felt awkward talking to people because I couldn't open my mouth all the way.
  4. A quick recap of my process: did an online consultation, spoke to Amy and made an appointment, day of appointment: check in, fill out paperwork, get called in by medical assistant. the MA swiped my face with rubbing alcohol and acetone. After, she gave me a fan because the phenol peel can sting! She also gave me ice to put on my cheeks to numb myself before the doctor came in. Dr Rullan came in and he was awesome! He did the phenol cross first, and that took a few minut
  5. I'm posting here and getting ready to make a youtube channel documenting my progress. This is my first acne treatment. I am glad I did my research first. I am on day 4 of my recovery. I will post before pics, pics immediately after, and my daily progress. I was swollen immediately after, I can edit and upload those pics later if you want. Here I am 24-48 hours after: and here I am on day 4: