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  1. ive been on retin a and an antibotic for 7 weeks, the results reallly come in from 8-12. i have one picture up, make sure you look at the date. at first my face was very sensative and red. all my acne got a lot worse and looked really red. i didnt really peel, a little though. stay out of the sun, even though its like fall, i got kinda sunburnt the other day just being out for an hour.
  2. Angela_

    Retin A

    In March i was going to go on accutane but changed my mind due to side effects. ive been on BC and drinking tea to balance my hormones and everythings worked out so good so far. I went to a new derm who put me on Retin A and an antibotic. Here are my results.
  3. The first time i went to my derm he said alright, accutane is RIGHT for you, and i told him ive tried a few antibotics and tried all the creams, i think i had pretty bad acne too so since im a chick they hooked me up with birth control and all that bogus for a month, then throughout the month i CONVINCED myself, there is a natural way, so when i went back to tell him he, like, refused my answer and told me my face would never, EVER be clear with out accutane, he got angry. WOW! well, within 2 mo
  4. Angela_

    Natural Remedies

    I don't need society's pills.
  5. OH BOY I hope it was just stress : ( I already have pretttyy bad acne, and I live in New Hampshire, and this summer I'm moving to Albuquerque. I CAN'T take anymore. so for the sake of both of us, I hope it was just stress hahaha. Good luck with tane
  6. hey angela

    thanx for the comment- it made me smile ; D

    hows the accutane going? hopefully clearing up and soon you will have even better skin!!!

    anyways catch u around


  7. Thank you so much! So I'm already waiting my 30 days now right, cause I am TERRIFIED he's going to be like alright 'nother 30 days sound good!! hahahaha, but thanks again, I get it now..i think, any suggestions for BC? I am so worried about this whole process too! I am going back to the derm today after waiting the 30 months and getting the blood tests done. I"m hoping everything will go smoothly!! OHH ohh I think you meant 30 days hahaha, 30 months HAHA.. I am so excited for you! I hope
  8. Thank you so much! So I'm already waiting my 30 days now right, cause I am TERRIFIED he's going to be like alright 'nother 30 days sound good!! hahahaha, but thanks again, I get it now..i think, any suggestions for BC?
  9. Alright so I'm a little concerned on how this program works. I saw my derm last week for the 1st time and asked for Accutane- he told me I need 2 forms of BC and about this thing called iPLEDGE, so we made an appointment for the 27th (which is the date I better be getting my damn perscription) he also told me he can get me on Accutane before April..good. anyways- Today I took my 1st preg test and this Wednesday I'm getting my birth control or patchs or whatever.. What do I do from this time
  10. Thank you :)

    I hope so- but since those pictures I broke out pretty bad, before I start I'm taking more recent pictures. Anyways- Your a very pretty girl :) and you seem very nice! Thanks again.

  11. hahaha i hate fakeness too.. good luck with 'Tane! I'll check on your blog often to see how it goes ;)