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  1. Hey whats up. Just wondering if anyone has any experiences with this cleanser- http://www.collectivewellbeing.com/index.p...6&vmcchk=1# The ingredients all seem pretty solid. Ive used it for about 2 days and my skin feels great.
  2. Market basket lol i saw coconut oil. I was gonna buy it , but what do i cook with it?
  3. Yea Tobias, i found it at my local health food store. I couldnt find any at the market either. I use it for cooking as well. Not too much, but i usually put a little more than a teaspoon in the pan when i make pancakes in the morning. Rakbs, i agree with you, but there are different types of saturated fats. Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain triglycerides. These fats burn much more efficiently unlike long C.T.'s, which are usually stored as fat. Here's some good information on the bene
  4. No I don't melt it first, i just slather it on. Its thick but breaks up easily. yes, its extra virgin. Its from NOW something or other, they make alot of vitamin supplements and what not. Got it at my local health food store. Haha Mans I just checked to see if its comedogenic, and i guess it technically is. But what the hell, as long as its working as unbelievably well as it is im gonna keep putting it on. If it does start giving me problems, ill switch to sweet almond oil or jojoba. I
  5. I realize that there are thousands of people on site saying that they have the cure, but everyone is different. I'd like to tell you what has worked for me. First of all, I have a very healthy diet. I eat low glycemic foods, alot of green smoothies, and absolutely no fried or junk food. I also take DIM, Maca, magnesium, taurine, and zinc. I have recently completed two liver flushes, which i highly recommend. Its pretty crazy what comes out of you. I also exercise almost everyday, and i ge
  6. I just recently started experimenting with extra virgin coconut oil, and its amazing. I slather it on for 15 minutes when i wake up and before i go to bed, then wash my face with just water. Because the water and oil dont mix, a fraction of the oil stays on the skin and acts as a moisturizer. I think if you put any oil on your face and just leave it, it will cause some problems. My skin feels unbelievable, i have no new blemishes, and the ones i have are healing.
  7. Hey samurai. It sounds like we have similar skin types and similar situations. I dont have bad, cystic acne, but my pores are constantly clogged and my skin is constantly oily and sensitive. I was doing something similar to you with tea tree oil and castile soap(are you using dr. bronner's) and i went overboard. I have a tendency to do to much and put too much stuff on my face to keep from breaking out, which of course makes me break out. So i just bought some extra virgin organic coconut
  8. yeah i see what you mean floats. I space them out throughout the day, and its worked so far so im gonna keep it up. I usually just try to eat just one of the granola bars a day valo, but occasionally ill have two. They haven't had any bad effects, and yea, they are definately addictive. Even more addicting though is the acai. I cant live without it.
  9. I take Probiotic Defense from NOW. They are almost identical to Primal Defense, which is probably the best, but the ones I got were about 10 bucks cheaper. I get fiber from the Kashi granola bars that I eat, and also from the Sambazon Acai that I drink every morning. Probably about 10-15 grams.
  10. Hey whats up. Ive been using DIM for about 4 weeks now, and my face is clear. I still get some clogged pores, but it seems like everything is getting better. I should probably tell you all that im taking some other supplements as well. I also take taurine, vitamins a and e, zinc, magnesium, probiotics, a whole food multi-vitamin, fish oil, and calcium(because i completely cut out dairy except for whey protein). The combination of these supplements, a ton of fruits and green vegetables, exer
  11. Alright. So I've been taking DIM for about a week and half now. I gotta say, it seems to be working. I expected to see some signs of change within a month or so, but Im already beginning to see improvement. My skin is about 90% clear, and the only blemishes are from ingrown hairs that I sometimes get from shaving. My pores are still moderately clogged and I occasionally have to do some work to clear them, but everything seems to be getting better. For the past couple of months, I have been e
  12. Thanks scarlett. I just bought two bottles. Im fairly well studied as far as chemistry goes, but I never looked into sunblock ingredients. Im glad you told me.
  13. Thanks for the heads up sie. Do you know of any sunblocks that are not estrogen mimics? Because thats a pretty important part of my daily life(im outside alot)