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  1. so.... it has been about 3 weeks since I stopped using the BP regimen and my skin is still clearing and I have been keeping up with the cardio exercise. This is the best my face has EVER looked. I have literally only had 4 pimples since I stopped the BP and began the Insanity Exercise Program. I can't believe that this whole time, it has been the lack of intense cardio in my life. Thank goodness I finally figured it out.
  2. Hey- I wish I had more answers to why this is working for me, but I don't- it just works. The cardio program that I am doing is called INSANITY and it is similar to P90x but there are no weights involved and it focuses more on plyometrics and cardio. It is a set of multiple DVDs, 20 minutes of intense cardio with my heart rate very high and about 20 minutes of stretching/warm-up. All together, each work out is about 40 minutes, 6 days a week and I do it inside. I am always sure to check my heart
  3. Yeah sorry- I will clarify.... I was working out at the YMCA on machines and lifting weights, but it was/is nothing compared to how I feel while doing this cardio program. I am being pushed to my limit- sweating profusely and heart pounding.
  4. Hey guys- I just wanted to share my recent success with all of you just in case someone else could benefit from this information. I have been on this website for a while, and I have tried everything except for accutane for my acne. This includes, BP, salicylic acid, multiple antibiotics, spiro, proactive, acnefree, vitamins and supplements, and many different diets including Paleo. I have had small improvements with certain remedies, but nothing significant. I am 25 and have been dealing with m
  5. My face is getting a little better each day and I still believe it is because of the intense cardio, not the BP. I am am going to test this theory and stop the BP for a little while and see what happens. My face needs a break from the cracking, flaky skin! Peace.
  6. Hey guys- I am still seeing great improvement in my skin and I don't think it is because of the Acneefree BP kit that I have been using. I am almost 100% sure that it is due to my new intense cardio work-out program that I started. As previously stated, I started the work-out program called Insanity last Monday and ever since, my red marks are fading and I have only had a few new zits in 8 days. Usually I get about 3-4 new cysts every day. I am still maintaining my BP regimen, but I am thinking
  7. Has anyone seen dramatic improvement in their acne with intense cardio?????
  8. Thanks for the comments! I am really starting to think that my exercise program has put a hault to my acne. I have only had two new pimples since I started this intense cardio workout on Monday. I am going to be sooo annoyed with myself if this has been the cure the whole time, and I have spent countless hours and dollars trying to find a solution..... I'm going to continue this work-out program and see if this clear skin persists! I think the key might be INTENSE CARDIO for me.
  9. Hey guys! I want to put this out there to see if anyone else has had dramatic improvement in their acne with exercise? I have been trying to recall my college years to figure out what I was doing differently (because I had clear skin then). In college, I went to the gym every day and did intense cardio for about an hour and lifted weights for an hour. Obviously I know that exercise is good for you, and has many positive benefits. It can help to regulate hormone levels and rid your body of toxi
  10. It has been a few days since my last post.... there have been a few changes that have taken place since then. I started the new work-out program called INTENSITY. The name says it all, it is crazzzzyyy. I started it on Monday and will be continuing with it for a few months, 5 times a day. Since Monday, I have only had one new active pimple. However, I still have all of the pimples on my face that are healing from the previous break-out that I posted a pic of. I know that exercise can help to ba
  11. My face hasn't changed much since my last post, other than I feel like it is WORSE THAN EVER!!! I am getting really frustrated because I feel like I have been so good at sticking to this regimen just to feel like I have been beat. I know that I haven't even gotten through 2 whole months yet, but I am longing for some light at the end of this awful acne ridden tunnel! My face isn't peeling too bad, other than my eyebrows which seem to always peel. I have noticed that there isn't much flaking by m
  12. I am now back home from visiting my family, and feel like complete shit after eating and drinking nonstop for the holidays. I am ready to get back to my regular routine of eating healthy. I kept up with my BP routine the whole time I was home. I just ran out of my Acneefree kit, so I went today to buy I new one. I am 2 months in, and I have to say I have noticed improvement. It may not be the drastic improvement I was hoping for, but it's something. I have decided that once this new Acnefree kit
  13. Hey guys- sorry it's been a while... I really don't have any major progress to note. I have three new active pimples on my forehead and one large one on my right jaw line. My cheeks are still staying fairly clear which is some progress in my eyes. My face is still oily during the day and just a little flakiness near my hairlines on my temples. I have been reading some other posts concerning wild yam.... and it's effectiveness in balancing hormones. I am pretty sure that hormones are the main c
  14. OK... Thanks to Wombat I was able to figure out how to put some photos up... Here are some from 2 days ago. My face isn't much different right now than it was then. My temples are really dry again by my hairline but luckily, the active pimples I had the other day are already clearing. The rest of my face is getting really oily during the day though and it is so irritating!!! The BP is making my past pimples look soooo red. I can't stand how it makes my face look worse than it really is.... Hopin
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