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  1. Based on the descriptions of the grades, I would say I am currently a Grade III because I do have some of the more severe features. But judging from the example photos, I would probably be between Grade II and Grade III.
  2. I was on Tetracycline for about two years, and it worked pretty well for a while but it began wearing off. Then I was on Accutane for about three months, and it pretty much cleared my skin (but decided to stop because of side effects). I went back on Tetracycline soon after and it wore off much quicker than the first time I used it. I started using Minocycline and it didn't do much for me - I think it worked for a bit but eventually stopped off after a couple months.
  3. When I was on Accutane near the end of my high school years, I noticed a very significant (and may I say drastic) change in my concentration and my memory and my focus on things, especially on my schoolwork. I wasn't sure if it was just me (the stress, the pressure, etc...) or the drug, but I went into a minor depression, and again, I wasn't sure if it was just me or the drug. I haven't taken Accutane in almost three years now, and I am now a third year University student, and it seems my concen
  4. Prior to starting on Accutane, I pretty much ate healthy almost all the time. For the three months I was on Accutane, my cholesterol levels shot up really quickly and I eventually had borderline high cholesterol levels even though I went on a strict diet around my second month.