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  1. Funny you should mention your co-worker is 4ft 11 and weigh 110 pounds cos that is my height and I used to weigh 110 pounds as well and though I'm not sure whether she had it backwards but I wore lots of skirts at that time, skirts just above the knee to make me look taller and hide my big thighs. I have since lost about 20 pounds and I am still wearing skirts though, it doesn't make a difference. I think skirts will look good on anyone (not the tight ones of course) because it can help hide fla
  2. I spend too much money on makeup and skincare but I'm addicted! (34 baht = 1 dollar) Chanel teint controle extreme foundation compact = 2100 baht Laura Mercier secret camouflage = 1300 baht Guerlain Les Meteorites = 2500 baht Over 1100 baht for an Anna Sui hair brush 1700 for Guerlain les voilettes loose powder 2600 baht for Shiseido white lucent moisturizer 1700 each for 2 (=3400) Anna Sui loose powders 3900 baht for big bottle of SK-II facial treatment essence <= I guess this is the most
  3. I am one of those girls who look skinny but actually have big thighs and excess baby fat where people can't see. I can never wear skinny jeans because my legs can't fit into them. I have to buy big ones and get them shortened all the time. It sucks a lot because if I complain, no one ever believes me. They just say I'm already skinny, don't loose any weight, blah blah. Maybe your friend has the same problem? I'm really really short about 156 cm (about 5'1) and weigh 44 kg (thats 97). I know tha
  4. I would just wear some very light concealer and maybe some loose powder, to make things look better.
  5. 1. BP 2. Effaclar K 3. Sunscreen 4. Cleansing oil 5. Concealer
  6. I have used a sample size tub of it. I think it's a great moisturizer and many people swear by it. My best friend's grandmother has been using it for years and years and she looks as young as my friend's mom. I had good results with La Mer. My skin was supple and had a glow. It didn't break me out too. I do think it is really overpriced though. I think I will buy this again when I'm in my mid twenties because right now I'm only 19.
  7. Could you get it repaired somewhere?
  8. Can you tell us what makeup items you are using right now?
  9. If it's just sweat, it should dry up on its own soon afterwards, so no worries. Maybe bring a fan to help keep yourself cool as well so you sweat less. If it's oiliness, try changing shampoos and condition less often.
  10. Cleansing oil. They remove everything in one step. I can't believe they aren't popular here. You just massage the oil on your face and wash off with water. All your makeup comes off. This kind of oil can be washed off with water, I don't know how they do it but they are not like normal oils that are greasy and stick to your face and impossible to take off. My HG is Fancl mild cleansing oil. Shu Uemura and DHC are also supposed to work well and are available in the US.
  11. Use a good concealer that comes in a pot/pan that you need to apply with a brush. With this kind of concealer you need to get the hang of it first, practice makes perfect. I have loads of dark/red marks on my cheeks from previous acne and I use Laura Mercier's secret camouflage over my sunscreen and then touch up with my Anna Sui loose powder and I'm set, NO ONE can tell that I have red marks or am wearing makeup. They just think that I have nice even skin. The trick is to use a sunscreen that
  12. Is it normal to get your nose pierced in the US? Won't you sort of regret it when you're older when you want a good respectable job and people won't take you seriously because your nose piercings or when you've grown out of this sort of thing? Honest question ^^ I really don't know much about real western culture.
  13. I have used up 2 tubs of Alpha Hydrox souffle and absolutely love it! Mind you, it really does stings a little when you first put it on but the feeling goes away after a short while. I have seen results in reduced brown acne spots, skin texture more smooth and even, and the AHA helps keep my acne at minimal. When I first started using it I really hated it because it made me break out all over, so I stopped using it and threw it in my stash. A month or two later I decided to try it again becaus