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  1. This is my face updated, now I am looking to heal my face and make my skin have a cleaner look without marks.
  2. @zgoede yeah I kinda stopped the tea tree oil I feel like it does dry my skin out a lot, it would make it soft in the morning but I feel like it just dried it out a little too much, this past week I’ve been using the head and shoulders on my face and then after that spraying some witch hazel on my face then applying natural aloe Vera on my face and sleeping with it over night and I Just got my order of the tablets that @SkinnyStrong recommended and I want to start taking pictures every week to s
  3. @SkinnyStrong for the instructions it says to take 3 tablets 3 times a day so 9 tablets a day basically, is that what you did ?
  4. @SkinnyStrong okay thanks I will give it a try, thanks for the advice. Gave me more insight on the acne type I have.
  5. @SkinnyStrong do you happen know if the Chuan ships to USA ? I am willing to give it a try
  6. @SkinnyStrong I think I can still go to the dermatologist, just wasn’t really wanting to go I went a couple years back but they diddnt really give me anything that worked. is there any good oral antibiotics and an anti bacterial face wash you recommend? That our from the store or maybe online
  7. The only different product is I used Shea moisture African black soap. so all I did was switch the bars because I feel like I was always inflamed, but I also just diddnt clean my face a lot because I felt it never really was getting better. ive been cleaning it for about 2 weeks now on a good routine id say.
  8. I just looked up ice pick scars and I don’t think I have that or if i do then not that many and very small. and used the head and shoulders tonight on my face and it was a refreshing burning sensation not bad A feeling though.
  9. I just recently started using the bar I feel like it’s helped so far like it hasn’t made it any worst, I want to start using aloe Vera every nite when I sleep hoping it will help. would you say I have hyperpigmentation? Or just regular acne and I’ll give it a try to cut off dairy or keep it very low I really only use dairy for my protein shakes and maybe pizza but I don’t eat pizza that often anymore. but I will give the head and shoulders a try since I just recently bought some.
  10. What I currently Use is Shea moisture inflammation therapy bar, then I spray witch hazel on my face and then apply tea tree oil with a q tip all over my face. also after I use the bar I rub ice all over my face. This is the left size of my face a year ago
  11. Hello, don’t know if I can post this here but I am. Just wanting to ask if anyone knows what kinda acne I have and how I can fix it. I also feel like I have large pores if I can get advice on that too that would be appreciated. if you guys need any information from me about how I clean my face or my skin type just let me know.