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  1. @mikic: Who is md? @kerrylee: No these are not heat blisters (I know which ones you mean) Just an update: Actually the right side of the mouth itches once in a while...
  2. Hmmm not quite. What's involved in an extraction? Do they try to squeeze using hands or tools of some sort?
  3. yup, me too. I think they're just a normal texture of the skin in those areas, completely unnoticeable, and nothing to be concerned about. Also, you're irritating the crap out of them. btw - c'est - I got your PM - no prob Sorry I didn't get back to ya No they're not the normal texture of the skin in those area. Mine started out in the goatee area (like c'est) then it got to the side of my mouth and finally worked its way right around the lip. The side of my mouth became really dark br
  4. Hmm yea I thought about that but I don't think it is as Milia is much larger, where as I have to stretch out my skin in order to see it. But thank you Andrew... I agree with Andrew that it looks like milia, which are basically clogged pores. Have you tried an exfoliating product? If facial scrubs counts as exfoliating, then yes!
  5. I had a look at the pics of Seb. Hyperplasia. My bumps aren't as big.... Might want to find out how to get rid of them before you get worst like I did...
  6. Hey Sara, Not painful, no burn or tingle. I've never thought that it could be viral...not too sure how you get that. But yea, I look forward to hearing from those journals you gonna lookup.... I've been trying Tea Tree Oil for like the last 3 days after my face wash on that area, and it does give a cool burning sensation...don't know if that's much of a clue...
  7. No I don't have a lot of facial hair. But do hairs grow on the edge of the lips??? They don't have that ingrown hair look (ingrown hair usually have like a coiled up hair inside that looks like a tiny black circle on top) so no I don't think so.
  8. Hi Sara, No it doesn't itch nor has it become weepy. I've already tried Head and Shoulders on it...nothing, but thanks for your input.
  9. Hmm yea I thought about that but I don't think it is as Milia is much larger, where as I have to stretch out my skin in order to see it. But thank you Andrew...
  10. Thanks for that. I don't think my doctor would allow me to go on accutane for this (even a low dose) but I appreciate your feedback.
  11. But the post-inflammatory acne diagnosis was made by the dermatologist, of which he prescribed me the Differin on first visit (failed), the steroid ointment on 2nd visit (failed) so I've stopped going to him...both prescriptions made me worst. If these are indeed oil clogs, how do I deal with them?
  12. Okay, so I've had this problem for nearly two years now. Right now, I'm not too sure what it is. In the past, I've suspected that it could be acne, post-inflammatory acne, perioral dermatitis, and have basically tried all the treatments to these diagnosis to no avail. I've tried Differin, BP, SA, Azelaic acid, ACV, steroid creams, oral antibiotics, changing toothpaste, blah blah, but no, this thing won't budge. What's worst is that it seems to be spreading a bit down towards the chin... I've