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  1. FYI, I'm currently seeing a dermatologist in Vancouver West area, who is good, from my perspective. However, only a few portion of his patients are seeking for resurfacing treatments and 20% of those patients are for subcision procedure. I'm gonna receive a subcision treatment from him for a test patch, and I've read that the subcision outcome is highly dependent on the doctor's skill. Therefore, I don't know if everything could go properly. He has showed me only one patient's B/A picture for su
  2. Hi All, Does anyone happen to know if there's any good dermatologist who is good at treating acne scar in Vancouver area? I've seen the top post by BA, however, some of the top doctors suggested in that post don't have a good reputation in other forums like ratemds, therefore I don't want to risk. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks @superburrito for the reply. I will check with my doctor during he next follow up regarding phenol cross. Thanks @dodgerguy for sharing your experience. So your left side has never filled in oh their own after TCA Cross? That’s my current concern since it is so wide and deep than before, I’m afraid it will never fill in or go back to normal. Thanks @gynoscar for sharing your experience. Did you do other treatments as well? Like Fraxel dual - that’s another treatmen
  4. Hi All, I’ve been performed 90% TCA CROSS by a board-certified dermatologist 10 days ago. The scabs were fallen off at 8th days. However, after one of the largest scabs has fallen off, I’ve seen a very wide and deep pitted scar left on my cheek. It is about 1cm wide and 1mm deep. (Previously it is two tiny ice pick scars). I’ve checked with my doctor and he said it is normal since sometimes the TCA cross will join two ice pick scars temporarily before it heals and fills in an