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  1. He basically does everything. Laser, subcision, filler, TCA Cross, micro-needling for acne scars. He has very good bed-side manner, and won't sell you any package and perform treatments based on your conditions. However, I don't think he is very specialized in treating acne scars. I've got around 20%-30% improvement from him (He and my friends say the improvement is around 40-50%) after being his patient for about 1.5 years.
  2. I personally go to Dr Vincent Richer in Pacific Derm. They offer cannula subcision and fillers.
  3. I didnt see lots of people in this forum claiming RF devices have improved their scars a lot. But I do see Dr Lim has suggested that this would be the future of acne scar treatment. Hard to believe this would be the case...
  4. Thanks for the detailed reply. BTW, were your scabs in large chunks or just pinpoint ones and how many TotalFX treatments you've received so far?
  5. Did you apply lots of Aquahor during the healing? And it still scabs? I applied it every 1.5 hours during the first 3 days and every 3 hour for the next few days. Used up two tubes at day 7... I think thats why I barely see any scabs
  6. Probably yes, since the coverage area is only 35%. BTW, do you see the continues improvement for your scars when all the swelling subsides. Or no improvement at all
  7. Ya, I also see his posts and other similar posts in this forum as well. My face was actually bloody at day1, but most of them were washed off at day2 after multiple vinegar soaks lol. My derm has warned me that I will be red for several weeks since I am Asian, but I don't see the redness at all... Hopefully the redness won't come back in the future...
  8. Hi all, I've recently done a cannula subcision and Fraxel repair on both of my cheeks and temples. The Fraxel repair setting is 60mj, 35% coverage and 4 passes. The doctor performs spot treatment first, then switches to fractional mode. Today is the 7th day after the treatment. All scabs are gone and my face is not even red, may be slightly pink only. Therefore, I was wondering is this normal? or everyone recovers so quick from the Fractional CO2 laser treatment?
  9. I don't think silicon sheet will do anything for this. Silicon sheet is used for raised scar, instead of pitted ones. Also, apparently the stitches are re-opened after the excision. It won't get better if you don't treat it. I'm not sure if your doctor has used single or multi layers stitching and I'm not sure if the doctor has told you to use some dressing to reduce the wound-closure tension. Usually after excision, you need to keep reducing the wound-closure tension for months in case the stit
  10. I think it is because it is fresh scar since you always see the biggest improvement for people who has fresh ones. For old scars, I dodnt usually see this kind of improvements.
  11. See this video from 1:10 - 1:30. He was talking about the pulse stacking for Fraxel repair. He mentioned about overlaying the grid, which I don't quite understand.
  12. Hi all, Previously when I was watching the video from Dr Lim in regards to Fraxel Repair and he says there're two things that he doesn't like about Fraxel Repair 1: The consumable tip 2: The pulse stacking. Tbh, my understanding for pulse stacking is that the energy device has to move over the same treatment areas multiple times. I've asked my derm for the Fraxel Repair pulse stacking issue and what he has told me is totally in contradict with Lim's statements. My derm has s
  13. My derm office has micro-needling + PRP treatment. When I ask him should I include that treatment into my treatment plan for acne scar, he has told me to save the money and don't think about it... May be my scar is so bad that micro-needling won't have any effect - -!
  14. It is your right to ask for the tech details and I don't see a reason why the doctor refuses to provide that. If the doc doesn't provide it, move to other doctors. Otherwise, how will you know if either the setting is too high which is gonna cause lots of side effects or is too low to have any effect?