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  1. The scab finally fell off, so I can share my overall experience. I wish I didn't have such a complicated healing period because the scar looked so good when the sutures were removed, but when I look at the before-after pictures I'm still happy with the results. Keeping an eye contact is no longer an issue for me, and that's huge. Next week I'm going to see a laser specialist, hopefully after a few CO2 rounds it will look even better. Tips to anyone who is going to get the
  2. Hi, I had a very similar scar (mine was deeper and bigger than yours) excised recently by an ophthalmologist. They perform a layered closure, in which the underlying tissue is closed with absorbable sutures so that the level of the surface matches the surrounding skin after healing. In my opinion, there is not much dermatologists can do about it because of the tricky location, and I personally wouldn't feel comfortable with someone microneedling that area. When I got the anesthetic injection I t
  3. Man, your skin is literally perfect, go and enjoy life!
  4. Dear shei , I’ve been following your post and wanted to reach out because it seemed you were feeling a little bit down after your last treatment. Firstly, I wanted to thank you for posting about your journey. It’s a brave thing to do, and I want you to know that you’re helping so many people by sharing your experiences. You have a very beautiful symmetrical face, your eyes are stunning, and the scars don’t take away any of your magic. But I want you to know and remember that eve
  5. Yes he does, that’s exactly why I went to see him. He did subcision with filler and TCA for 5 000 DKK, but my face is pretty messed up so you will probably get a better offer.
  6. Hi, I’m so sorry that you’re going through this! Not so long ago I was feeling the same exact way, I thought my life was over and I could never be happy again. Dealing with the emotional side of having scars on your face is difficult, I remember very vividly the pain, shame and hopelessness that comes with it. Please take care of your mental health as well and seek professional help if you feel like this is taking over your life. It is going to be a long journey, you have to be patient, but ever