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  1. What have been some of the ways you've gone about treating your acne in these 9 years? yea. I've been to the dermatologist like millions of times. went on accutane. used many many different topicals. And now currently using dan's regimen, but my skin always needs maintenance and it always feels dry and irritated... i hate this feeling so much. my skin just always feels like complete crap..
  2. fuck my life. goddam, fuck u acne! FUCK U!!!!! There were times I tired committing suicide, but just couldn't go through with it. Now I live in constant fear.. this fear never ever escapes me.. I can never get rid of it! I hate it... I use to not give a fuck about anything before acne.. now I'm so goddam self conscious. It's turned my brain into complete moosh. I constantly worry about everything and think about the past... it's so aggravating, especially when you grow up in a small town where u
  3. Awe I read your posts. Don't call yourself a loser. You still have plenty of time to achieve whatever it is you aspire <3

  4. 9 years now... 9 fuckin years of acne and still going... when the fuck is it ever gonna go away? I was 14 when it started and now I'm 23... WTF. I know I would've been a good looking guy if it wasn't due to acne... Not to mention the ugly deep scars and red spots all over.. I'm sensitive to light, heat, and cold where my skin always feels irritated. I had a lot of self confidence before acne and girls use to always look at me. now no girls r ever interested in me and I haven't moved on with my l
  5. how did u move out without college??? I wish I could do that but I can't find a high enough paying job
  6. Has anyone ever grown out of acne while using the regimen?? my face explodes when I'm off the regimen but it feels uncomfortable while on it..
  7. yea... it feels like yesterday i was in high school too and i haven't done anything or gone anywhere.. life goes by so fast and when ur stuck doing the same thing for years and years i dont know... u just feel helpless.
  8. I agree with Lyssa. Only you can live your life. You say that you were left heartbroken after your relationships ended. Why did they end, and how did your partners feel about it? Nobody calls you? Well perhaps you should initiate the communication. Well, my last relationship I never told her about my acne and sheltered teen years because It was too embarassing. She was a very beautiful & intelligent girl still in high school who I thought to be way out of my league. I even drove 6 hou
  9. I feel like a total loser. I've had acne since the age of 14 and now I'm 22 and haven't accomplished anything with my life. I still live in my parents basement and I feel like I'm going to be stuck here forever. Acne has ruined my confidence throughout the years and I feel so ugly and slow that it's just turned me into a lazy bastard.. I went to college for a year, dropped out. got 5 tickets and now my license is suspended. I can't focus on any daily tasks to save my life. I have no real friends
  10. the drying is normal!!! it will go away & ur acne will be gone! but after ur skin adjusts just start using it once a day at night.
  11. I's been 8 years since i started breaking out & it hasn't stopped since then. It started when i was 14 & now i'm 22. I started using dan's regimen when i was 21 & it cleared up my skin really good. but now due to future circumstances, i might not be able to use the regimen for 3 months. I tried to cut the regimen cold turkey about 2 weeks ago, it was a bad idea! i started getting cystic acne again; my face started turning tan & all my acne started to flare up like it use to be be
  12. 8 Years for me! It started when I was 14, now I'm 22 & it doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. If i don't use dan's regimen, it becomes really really bad! but i don't use as much as i did before. I'm left with emotional acne scars which include large pores, rolling scars, hyperpigmentation, & some ice pick scars. It fuckin sucks. Also when i started drinking I broke out alot & i'm still trying to quit smoking which contributes to alot of my acne as well.
  13. Thanks for the encouragement, it really helped. do you know what's a good MOS to choose? Right now I'm open contract & I don't leave to boot until Nov. 2nd. I was thinking of going into aircraft mechanic or electronics but I might do infantry.
  14. yea.. well I recently enlisted in the marines. same as you, I've had acne since freshmen year of high school & it was sooooooo bad for me I never had a girlfriend through high school. I only started dating after I started using dan's regimen for a while when I was in college. But now I have to stop using it because I'll be going to boot camp soon, but man.. my acne is coming back horribly!!! I have it all over my face & it's going to become severe, I know how my skin is... It just makes
  15. err!! this is bad. I had to stop using dan's regimen because I will be going to marine boot camp soon. My skin looks like I'm starting to get a tan & is peeling and feels uncomfortable again... For anyone on here who is in the marines, how do you deal with your acne? will they actually help treat your acne when you get to the fleet? Since they provide Medical & Dental. I know that in bootcamp you can't use any acne medications and the DI's won't give a shit if your face is clear or not.