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  1. Is it non comedigonic? (sp?) How easy is it to remove? Can you get it in Canada? Sounds pretty nice
  2. So like Joppa or Everyday Minerals? thats what I was thinking. Leaning towards Joppa because it seems to have less harsh ingredients. Thanks
  3. I would like to cover up all of these red marks, but I still have 2 months worth of Accutane left. Do you guys think foundation would work, or will it hurt my healing, or will my skin be too dry to do it? If so, what should I use, a mineral foundation? Any suggestions would be great, thanks
  4. I shave with nothing at all and get no irritation around where I shave, most of my acne comes on my cheek's.
  5. Ive had it so long , and all I practically have left is my red marks that I just want them gone heh. My red marks take FOREVER to fade, im talking 1 year + usually, and even the smallest whitehead gives me a redmark, so it sucks. I would just like something to speed up the process a bit. I've been using Aloe Vera sparringly as a moisurizer, but im gonna try applying it on the worst red marks to help speed that up. Thanks and any more suggestions would be great
  6. My acne,for the most part, is gone , and I am about 3/4 through my course of accutane. I would like to start fighting the many red marks I have now if thats possible, but not sure how to go about doing it without hurting my weak skin. Can anyone thats doing this now give me some insight? thanks.
  7. I use BP while on Tane if I get a huge whitehead, it kills it right away and doesnt seem to dry me out any extra.
  8. I usually take mine with a Big Juicy Hamburger and Fries, that enough fat?
  9. I need something that I can use at night to remove the Foundation that I put on in the morning, I've tried normal cleansers like Cetaphil, but that doesnt work as I can still see alot of foundation afterwords. I've also tried Clean and Clear Makeup removing cleanser, it works but it has some harsh ingriedients in it, and I dont want to use it if I dont have to. Anyone got some recommendations? thanks
  10. I'm about to just try the Cetaphil and see how it goes, I used another cleanser with a harsh chemical in it for a LONG time not realizing it was bad, and it didnt seem to effect my acne that much, if at all. I dont mind using the cream cleansers my problem is just that I cant find one without some harsh chemicals in it, and its pissing me off
  11. Bump -- Any other cleansers out there that can be bought in a store like wal-mart and do not contain harsh ingredients?
  12. Been on accutane for about 2 months now, I havent been using any makeup the whole time, and my acne is gone , asside from the MANY red marks. So, I want to start wearing some foundation again in order to cover them up, but im worried that it will possibly break me out. The makeup I'm using never did break me out before, from what I could tell, but while im on accutane and doing it im scared that my skin will break out, because it is weaker. Also, because my skin is so dry, im afraid that the fou
  13. I should also mention that I'm on accutane, dont know why I forgot that in the first place.