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  1. yeah the website is pissing me off- it wont let me fill out any shipping info- and it says they are not shipping USPS- then when i try to do the live help thing it says that its unavailable
  2. ohh...how i hate shaving.. anyway im a girl and i have the same problem shaving my legs. i have REALLY pale skin and coarse, dark hair, so when i shave, you can still see the little black spots. i have tried SO many things including self tanner to try and even out my skin tone- but that just stuck in my pores and made the black spots turn orange. SO- i have recently been getting laser treatments to remove all the hair on my legs. its expensive, but if you only have a few patches on you face,
  3. i bought a bottle of saw palmetto but im afraid to take it because i read the back and it said that it was prostate drug"intended for males" is it bad for women to take this?
  4. zulu599


    Well, like I said, many of them are stolen pets. Mine for example. But anyway, the slaughterhouses here have finally been shut down and there are proposals for legislature to prevent horses from being trucked across the border for slaughter. woah, so you're saying that your horse was stolen and sent to slaughter? wow...im really sorry to hear that, that really is horrible and i could never imagine having to go through something like that.
  5. what the heck!? ive been on ortho FOREVER and it does jack crap for me...well except the whole not having a kid part.
  6. here's a little info about my situation...i have moderate acne, i think, which is worsened by dry skin and my attempts to get rid of the dry skin. i get the occasional decent-sized pimple, but the most annoying thing are the small whiteheads (?) or bumbs on my forehead. they just stick around forever! occasionally one will surface and i can get rid of it, but mostly when i pick at them they just get huge, so i let them be. right now i put nothing on my skin besides moisturizer and mineral ma
  7. ive been a vegetarian for about 12 years...so around the age of 11 i guess? growing up, even when i was really young, i refused to eat cheese, HATED milk, butter, etc. my mom used to have to FORCE me to eat mac and cheese and pizza- what kind of elementary school kid hates mac and cheese and pizza?! anyway, i gave up meat altogether, but still ate some dairy. i really just don't like the taste or texture of meat at all, it gives me chills..as far as the animal rights thing goes...it kinda ma
  8. you may be good looking, but there is no such thing as perfect its good that you have high self-esteem though...i wish i did- i know i could be pretty if i didn't have acne Awww dont say that! You are not your acne. Acne is a condition you have but you are not the acne itself. You can have beautiful facial features and have acne. Dont be so hard on yourself
  9. thanks guys!!! i actually just went to the derm and got pretty much most of the hair on my legs lasered off- except bikini line because it was too damn painful! so hopefully that will help...i will definitely use those tips for the remaining hair/bikini line to help ease irritation...thanks!
  10. thanks...im checking out that site right now... so what i don't understand is why i read about taking saw palmetto on this board if it doesn't help?
  11. zulu599


    i wish that was true, but sadly, its not. while horses are not "raised" specifically to be fattened up and send to slaughter, PMU foals are sent directly to killer buyers after their first 6 months of life- unless a good-hearted person steps in, they are destined for slaughter. and while some of the horses are old, and may have been starved or mis-treated and considered "sick" or worn-down, MANY of them are in perfectly good health and are very young, or just need a helping hand to get them
  12. you may be good looking, but there is no such thing as perfect its good that you have high self-esteem though...i wish i did- i know i could be pretty if i didn't have acne
  13. *i was really bad today...i know, my own fault totally DAY 5 -1 organic DF bluberry waffle -Green bean salad -2 cheese sandwiches with tomato and lettuce -Potato salad -Scallops, shrimp, broccoli, wild rice, cheese biscuits -CANDY -Organic granola with almonds and soy milk i have not eaten a single piece of candy for a week until DAY 5- i didn't even eat as much as i used to in one sitting and i made myself sick...almost puked today was really bad...i felt like if i was going to have a bad da