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  1. And I think the spots are just little bit higher than the skin...
  2. I have acne on my back and chest. Usually just few spots but sometimes it really breaks out. And after it, I get those white dots from the spots...is this some kind of hyperpigmentation or something? Please, can you tell me what can i do to get rid of them?
  3. Has someone used Dr. Wolff Fruchtsäure creme? It has 10% AHA and I've heard it is pretty good, but I'd like to hear more from you.
  4. Well, how was her skin before this treatment, and what's her problem exactly? I have acne, but it is not a big problem, It's mild I think. Bigger problem is my body acne, but right now I'm concentrating on the face. The main problem are the marks. :) And here I don't find many products that help with red marks so... Well, in our money it(cleanance K) is something like 12-13 EUR or 20 USD...yes, it is pretty expencive, and my pocket is very empty..but I can afford it
  5. the cream is called Avene K or something like that
  6. Sometimes I have pimples in my hair, i mean in that area where the hair grows...espescially near the hairline next to the forehead. And red marks or scars or something stay there. I mean no hair grows there anymore where the pimple was, you can't see any scars there because i think the red mark in this area turns very fast(w/1day) my skin tone. And now my hair is very sparsely there And I'm a girl. I think I can't grow any hair there anymore...but i just had to let the problem out... I hope y
  7. Hmm, I meant that will this cream be good to the marks? =)
  8. Ok, thank you for the answers. Now i know better.
  9. Hey, im thinking of buying a cream that has AHA. There's 6% glycolic acid, 2% lactic acid and 0,1% salicyl (?) acid innit. Would this work on red marks?
  10. Hey, but I wanna ask about AHA. If I use it only at night, do i need sunscreen or something?(to put on during the day)
  11. Is benzoyl peroxide bad or good for red marks? (i've heard both) *And another question, i wanna buy some products to fade my red marks, but can you tell me what should these products consist of......? Because I live where you obviously don't and here might not be these products what are like in australia or US and so on... *And maybe you know some easy homemade products to fade red marks? *And more... id like to know if you're younger, than will those marks fade quicker or something...? Thank