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  1. I started this post up last year and see that people are still commenting on it. Firstly Christof I don't think anyone here is doubting Dan's honesty. You're completely right he can get into trouble, it's very risky. Secondly I respect your opinion but I disagree with your latter paragraph somewhat. I am a tax payer and also contribute my monthly National Insurance. I dont feel I should be paying £11.30 for an item valued at £21 (16oz acne.org BP). If I am to pay custom taxes it should b
  2. yes, these are what i have also. I fact i believe almost everyone with acne has them its just that yours any mine may not yet be infected. Once infected then they can more easily be identified as white heads or pustules etc. I think in essence they are just clogged pores. Normally i squeeze them out and tiny white string like substances comes out (i think keratin). If i leave them alone they seem to get itchy and/or eventually turn into an infected spot. I try to squeeze them out after a hot sho
  3. I'd rather take the risk of the package getting lost (because in all honesty the chance of that happening is probably less than 10%) and when you consider the fact that the custom charge is the roughly the same as the actual product (16oz cost just under $17 and customer charge was £11.30) even if it does get lost for me to reorder will weigh out just the same. If it were to get lost again than blame pure old luck. I hardly doubt a package is going to get lost twice for the majority of people l
  4. When I order the regimen off the site it costs so much on taxes its almost a put off. Most US websites I order off (and I order of a few) just state "gift" on the product and this way I avoid having to pay any fees which keeps me the customer happy and wanting to purchase more. However having to pay a ridiculous amount on international shipping (more than most other US based companies) and then a hefty international custom fee is really taking the piss to be quite frank. Please Dan sort this o
  5. keep doing this mate, it will work out hopefully. The thing is every now and then you will still breakout (you cant stop nature entirely) but bare with it this is a normal reoccurance and part of life. If you get to grips with that and acknowledge that you will be clear 80-90% of the time ATLEAST when full effects take place then you will have a happy life. Good luck and let this process go on for 6-12 months atleast and watch those red marks fade (remember dont worry or try jack all for red ma
  6. Joey T first of relax, dont get worried. Firstly its important to know your skin type. Is it dry/oily/normal/combination? First of all if your skin is oily or dry, you don't really require to moisturise when on the regimen. However if it is dry then its probably advisable you do. My skin is normal and I never moisturise on the regimen (in fact for me moisturing caused more breakouts always regardless of what I tried) but its different for everyone. Now I suggest you do give the regimen a fair
  7. This i always the case. This happens to almost all people. Basically when you wash your face blood rushes to your face and your red marks (damaged tissue) get highlighted more. Its the reason you shouldn't over touch your face or exfoliate too much. You should keep it simply, apply your current regiment that your using to prevent any further acne and just get on with your day. The more you touch and tamper the more you prolong the healing of the marks. They heal but over a course of atleast a ye
  8. If we are basing everything around facts then I am going to have to agree with this. I am pretty positive that getting 3 hours of sun in a row compared to 3 hours of sun in 20min blocks for instance shows the latter to have far less risk. If that wasn't the case the 1000's of hours of sun I have got during my 21 years of life would then be compartive to getting over 5 hours of straight sun exposure per per day for a constant year where which would put me at major risk of skin cancer. In fact
  9. I must re iterate never exfoliate or use any additional products whilst on the regimen. Also I agree that after shower is a good way to gently remove dead skin, by slowly massaging your face very lightly and for a short amount of time (stop after a certain point even if you think you can keep removing skin). Secondly my advice would be to never skip a day or night application of BP (once your skin recovers) but instead reduce the AMOUNT of bp you're applying. Only do so if you really have to or
  10. First of all Joey, relax this is temporary. Okay lets get this clear when your treating yourself with BP etc dont think about other procedures. Microderm is not neccessary and to be quite frank I though it was useless. Its a mild exfoliator to be honest (you will see your self). Dont waste your money. When your skin is red it means your doing something wrong. Slight redness is normal. Its too late you have booked your microderm, but I suggest you stop after your first treatment. When on Dans BP
  11. First of all everything in excess is bad for you (even water as some studies suggest) so ofcourse if you get too much sun this is bad, but it doesnt mean keep your curtains/ blinds shut or wear a ninja uniform before going to the shop, all it means is basically stop sun bathing and wear sunscreen when the sun is intense (i disagree that you need to wear sunscreen everyday all day even indoors, this is not what nature intended at all). Secondly yes chemicals are bad for you, no doubt. In this da
  12. All I wanted to say is that I have been on DKR for under a week so far and honestly speaking I think it is excellent! It has eliminated almost all my acne on my face and it spreads really very well. I was reluctant at first but it seems very good. The only thing is im using it twice a day (day and night) and my skin is slightly flakey but nothing unbearable at all. In fact I feel its slightly exfoliating my skin very very gently (much less so than retin a but you can still see some flakiness) w
  13. ahh we can't get injections here like that in the UK, not that i know off. I just plan to leave the damn thing alone for a week or so, im hoping it will go down with the BP application. I can't be bothered with acne dominating my mind anymore, its been too long. I just apply the acne.org regimen BP every morning and every night in hope that in a few weeks my skin will be fully clear.
  14. Good to know you dont pick anymore like me, I only reserve picking for when it is required e.g. visible head where no extra damage will be caused beyond what has already been caused by nature. That's all, otherwise I just ignore it in the mirror until the damn thing is gone. There is a second reason to this and that is I noticed even people without acne have some sort of clogged pores which I notice in fluorescent light but they just dont bother. With a lot of acne suffers, whilst they do have
  15. thanks a lot. Ye i'm not planning to bother these at all and just let them do there thing. I've learnt my lesson with touching and picking when the time is not right.