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  1. hey guys. so right now i'm on Retin-A and i don't feel like it's doing much (been on it since early February), and i'm kinda putting off going on accutane because i'm scared it'll make my face a wreck for a long time first and i'll never leave the house and just cry all the time. anyway, i've been looking into blue light therapy, but i heard it can be quite expensive. i read on another thread somewhere that you can purchase a dichroic blue light at home and do the treatments yourself. has anyone
  2. Hey y'all. so i have milia (those small bumps that NEVER seem to go away) pretty much COVERING my cheeks completely, as well as a bit of cystic acne. weirdly, my forehead is pretty much the only part of my face that is completely clear. my derm doc put me on retin a cream and amox-clav. i'm just curious if anyone has seen improvements in their milia or skin texture regarding bumpiness on the retin a. i've only been on it about 3 or so weeks, and i'm already seeing a pretty drastic initial breako
  3. does accutane work on milia? those little bumps under the skin...? my derm doc said she wasn't sure, but i also suffer from a bit of cystic acne and she wants me to try accutane. i'm SOO worried about the peeling.
  4. Hey girl, I'm so sorry to hear you are having a crummy day. One hour of sleep is crazytown! I really hope you were able to catch up. I've also noticed that I am having problems sleeping recently. I have never been a good sleeper, but it's definitely worse than usual. I wonder if it's related to the spiro...it very well could be. Congrats on two and a half weeks! I see that as two and a half weeks behind you. It's progress! No matter what your skin looks like now, you are moving forwar
  5. Including...a diet overhaul? Including blood/liver cleansing? Taking vitamins on top of a crap diet won't do any good. There are so many ways to help yourself via what you consume/don't consume yup. all of those things my diet is pretty great for the most part...i'm very aware of what i put into my body because i believe healing comes from within and you are what you eat. i even went on a raw food cleanse for 2 months. no improvement.
  6. ugh. i've only been on spiro for 3 days and i'm already getting a breakout and have a giant cyst on my cheek. this is not going to be easy....
  7. they are all over, but worse on my cheeks and jawline, yes. i don't *think* my diet is high in sugar (i know sugar is in practically everything). i try to avoid refined sugars if possible and i'm not a big sweets person. i make my dressings/condiments/sauces at home because they can contain a lot of sugar as well. i'd say most of the sugar i am getting is from fruit and snacks, which i have limited. haha, thanks! and yeah, i totally know how you feel about being a walking guinea pig- i've b
  8. that's good to hear about the Mino...gives me a little hope. i don't know if it's just my imagination, but it seems i am seeing the beginnings of an IB already, even after 2 days! when i went to the the derm on the 27th, i was "reasonably" clear, just had the remnants of old breakouts, but within the past two days i've gotten like 4 new pimples...ugh. not sure if i may be reacting to the topical products i was instructed to use or what...
  9. just being clear for less than a year sounds, literally, like a dream! i know overall, the goal would be to stay clear, but jeez, at this point, if i were clear for a month i'd be thrilled! did you find the antibiotic minocycline helped with the initial breakout associated with spiro?
  10. Thank you! I was just put on a regimen by my derm doc, so...i'm hoping that will help me a little, but if not, i'll try Dan's regimen. Did you find spiro gave you a horrible initial breakout? i'm really nervous about that...
  11. I am in NYC! I think this is a great idea! Where in the city are you located
  12. hi guys...just wanted to introduce myself. my name is chrissy, i'm 28, and i've had acne for about 14 years. i think it might have gotten worse with age. basically i have tiny white bumps all over my face (it's the worst on my cheeks and jawline) and also get regular pimples and very occasionally large cysts (i can only think of a few times i have gotten a cyst, i think). i have super sensitive skin, so even if i look "reasonably" clear with makeup, underneath that i have a bunch of red scars. i
  13. Hi guys...i just started taking Spiro today at 50 mg once per day as well as 75mg of Solodyn (minoclycline). My doctor literally told me NOTHING about spiro, so i've been doing research on my own today, and i'm a little terrified. I have had acne since i was 14 (i'm 28 now) and have been on everything under the sun except accutane. I have constant small white bumps under the skin, all over my face (but mostly around the cheeks/jawline area), i have blackheads on my nose and i do also get large c
  14. Thanks for making this Spiro log...i just started today and honestly...i'm terrified. my derm doc didn't tell me ANYTHING about spiro, or that i might have an IB, so i've been doing all of the research myself. Hoping for the best!