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  1. I've been on DIM for 3 months and my skin is still good - take 2 DIM a day plus Vit A and zinc and spearmint tea plus ive lost a stone - but thats not soley because of the DIM as i came of Dianette , still get vivid dreams though
  2. I live in London which has got probably the worst water in the Uk and when I went up to Cumbria near scotland to my parents my skin cleared up within 3 days and i was not doing anything different..they have soft water ..the kind of water you dont need to use hair conditioner with ! my face was so soft and smooth it was unbelievable..so I agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi - don't overwash your face as the more dry your face is the more oil your body will produce to compensate it. I suffer from oily skin and drink spearmint tea to help plus use a range called Ketsugo (face wash, spray and lotion).. this is the blurb...(but obviously this is trying to sell it so exggerates a bit but it does help "A revolutionary product in the treatment of oily and combination skins. Prevents oily skin, stops Spots and clears Acne Ketsugo can be used by anyone with oily sk
  4. hmm...interesting Ruth. How long have you used Ketsugo for? Would you recommend it? about a month..the wash is really good my skin is bone dry for ages..the spray is ordourless and dries quick so i use it in the morning and at night..it says on the spray that after 4-6 weeks once oil production is normalised you can reduce it so that does indicate it does maybe do something more long term but only time will tell and am a bit wary of claimes that topical stuff can continue to work once
  5. i use Ketsugo range - spray and face wash that has isolutrol in - it works but only like a short fix so if i wash my face in the wash then spray my face and will stay oil free for about 9 hours but its not a permanent oil fix
  6. retin- a is much to harsh for the skin - it made my skin look worse than if i just had the acne as it red, burning and then acne on top! - i know of some salons that use it as a chemical peel to reduce fine lines to its not really attacking the acne just shedding the skin
  7. lol that made me laugh ...how 'alive' you looked? glad to hear its going well keep up the reporting. Some people have reported it is making them sleep better some have said making them sleep worse, im on my 3rd day and my sleep is the same so far...
  8. try spearmint tea instead - its meant to help with oil and is linked to helping with Polycystic Ovary syndrome so might help with hormones etc
  9. the one place i can totally be myself IS with my family and i feel its a shame that you feel like you cannot use this one place as your 'acne safe house'..just try it one day your family are the people that love u unconditionally. As soon as i come in from work the make up comes off and i feel at peace!
  10. i have just found this http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/6376599.stm re spearmint tea might be good for acne as linked to polycystic ovary syndrome? -Drinking the tea twice a day, reduced levels of male sex hormones, which can cause excessive hair growth (hirsutism) on the stomach, breasts and face. Treatment for hirsutism, usually involves drugs to reduce the levels of androgen or male hormones in the body. Writing in Phytotherapy Research, the Turkish scientists said spearmint could be
  11. GET RID!!! he is an insecure trainee psycho ready to grow into a fully grown up controlling psycho freak that will prob end up locking you up in a cupboard
  12. well if you make your own from scratch then thats a start as at least you know what you are putting in it i make my own as follows: wholemeal thin pizza base (either home made or bought) tomatoe puree no cheese or very little red/green peppers sweetcorn mushrooms rocket leaves or spinach some fresh herbs if you need to put meat on it i go for turkey or chicken ( no skin) or quorn or tofu no salt, a little pepper if needed yum yum
  13. Fake Bake is good so is zen tan and st tropez - st tropez in my eyes gives the nicest colour never orange but a proper brown like a tan and not like you have been dipped in orangade
  14. My mum's friend's daughter said to me why is your face covered in tomato sauce!!!!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  15. it looks so much better!! i use sudocream too its a really good and cheap as chips! loving the russell and noel pic..have you read russell's book its too funny for words...regarde!
  16. that happened to me so i went on it one more time and now my acne is mild and i can keep it under control usually (before the roaccatane i had severe acne) plus the second time was a breeze no side effects like it skipped the dodgy stage.. i am not saying do it if you dont want to..its your choice ..see if anyone else found the same thing maybe? that happened to me so i went on it one more time and now my acne is mild and i can keep it under control usually (before the roaccatane i had severe a
  17. im literally drinking green tea while reading your post - my 6th one of the day! genius btw about steaming your face in it too im deffo going to try that!!!
  18. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEFORE YOUR LIFE IS RUINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you deserve a 100% of someone and to be their number 1. You cant do that with someone with all this baggage!!!!!!!
  19. hi Vitamin B5 is called pantothenic acid in the shops so thats prob why you cant find it. hope you have read up on it as you need to remember to take vitb complex as well to supplement so not to imbalance your body. there are some b5 threads on this website so have a look.
  20. Ruthk

    newbie here!

    hi welcome im recently new too! i have hyper sensitive skin and use Demalogia skin hydrating booster its quite expensive but its a concentrated serum so you only need a tiny bit and it moisturises without leaving any residue it just sinks in! never ever has irritated my skin , hioe this helps hopefully someone will post a cheaper alternative though
  21. well she is obviously looking out for herself so you should do the same! you cant let someone ruin your life..it feels like hell now but it wont in time and you cant look back and think that you let someone take part of your life on this earth away, this is your life your time you have to enjoy it!
  22. ive just broke up with my ex of 6 years and i think the best thing to do at the moment is concentrate on yourself and like the others have said just enjoy spending time your friends and family. You dont need to go on the dating scene/start a relationship for the sake of it. And as you say your skin is bad at the moment it will only make you worry more if you have dates etc. If you sort yourself out and get happy from within maybe you can try with her again. something must have gone wrong for
  23. Sudocream is good for a quick fix for one night if you wear it like a mask overnight your skin is less red and spots smaller but bit icky on the pillows! good luck
  24. sugar causes increase in sebum which cuases increase in acne found this.........http://www.natural-acne-solution.com/blood-sugar-acne.html How Sugar Causes Acne This page finally wipes out the ridiculous notion that diet has nothing to do with acne. It isn't just me rambling. This is actually backed by credible science. Most of the material here is from Dr. Loren Cordain's paper 'Implications for the Role of Diet in Acne'. Click here to read the study (PDF-file). I'm summarizing the study her
  25. ive just ordered some so will keep updating! im on vitb5 anyway at the moment but vilantae looks good as it has the other vit b's in it as well as zinc