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  1. hi brandy- when i wasn't getting anywhere with customer service, i felt my next recourse was to state my issue on this board. how was i to know that the board linked to their site are separate? this says acne.org/feedback. i type acne.org and click the store link or board link...so i thought this was my next step. what was i supposed to do when i wasn't getting satisfaction with customer service?
  2. this was way more aggravating than it should've been. it didn't need to get to this point. it shouldn't have gotten to this point. it was a common sense thing. but i'm glad they finally decided to make the adjustment. there is a flaw in the system. they should probably fix it to avoid instances like this. is it really worth it? they risked losing several hundreds of dollars in future business from one customer (and poor word of mouth) because of a $7 shipping technicality. that ain't good busin
  3. it can almost always be done (within reason) be it directly or asking a manager, first. no business in their right mind would lose a $73 order over a minimal shipping difference. especially when the order is the same or more $-wise to qualify for the cheaper shipping. apparently, it can be done because i just got an email to do a $7 reduction for the shipping. i'm not sure if they finally asked a manager because i had to piss and moan so much but a lot of aggravation could've been saved. again
  4. ok, well i was not aware of that. if you're a moderator, i would think you represent the company. i did not get satisfaction via customer service, so i felt my next recourse was to post to the board to try and get satisfaction. all i know is that when someone wants to spend the same, if not more, than you need to make it worth the cheaper shipping, it's pretty silly to try and nickel and dime them into buying something they don't need at the moment and piss them off because of some ordering tec
  5. thx for the apology. i stated my case and they just said, that's the way the system is set up. basically, tough luck, there's nothing i can do to make this right. that said, i know having been in customer service, adjustments can be made. i'm not trying to short change you guys. i'm just not willing to buy something i don't need. what i do need, at least makes up the difference of not buying a moisturizer (right now) or a 2nd AHA (that i don't need). it should be a simple adjustment to make a
  6. i was nice and got zero satisfaction. that's why i'm aggravated now. if acne.org is not smart enough to see the flawed policy (ordering a jojoba and AHA instead of a moisturizer or 2 AHAs...when it's 6 of one, half dozen of the other) and lose a $73 order and get nothing, you don't deserve my business. i'm tired of going around and around with people who either don't care or don't pay attention to what has already been stated. i've been in customer service for 25 yrs. this is not good customer
  7. i clearly stated my issue in the original post...after going thru this with customer service via email. excellent customer service you guys have going on. you guys really pay attention. enjoy losing a customer due to poor service and people who don't seem to care (or listen). i hope dan sees this and cares enough to keep a customer. no one else seems to.
  8. did you read my post? yes, i didn't "qualify" because i do not need a moisturizer at this time, nor do i need a 2nd AHA. however, i do need a large BP, large cleanser, jojoba and one AHA= $73. the AHA and jojoba cost about the same as a large moisturizer. if you're unwilling to make an adjustment, i'd rather take my business elsewhere. you're doing an amazing job of pissing off a longtime customer...over $7 (difference in shipping). maybe you should consider the auto-ship rate for orders over
  9. i tried to place an order, using auto-ship, to take advantage of the $5 shipping. my order consisted of a large BP, large cleanser, a jojoba and an AHA= about $73 in product. because i didn't currently need a moisturizer- i still have plenty left from my last large purchase, nor do i need a 2nd AHA (too much for me), i do not qualify for the $5 auto-ship. i have previously placed $450 in orders in the past. i brought this up to customer service and was declined an adjustment in shipping ($5 aut
  10. any updated word on a timeframe for the spot treatment, new moisturizer and SPF products availability?
  11. are you using the moisturizer?? i would think that might help with your itching situation.
  12. the one thing i've noticed is that if i put on AHA anytime close after i shave- even a few hours after i shave, the AHA stings the living &$(% out of my face. feels like my face is on fire. it's really bad. i have to make sure not to put on any AHA until *several* hours after i shave, which seems a little strange. i haven't had much of a problem with the moisturizer. nothing nearly like the AHA, anyway.
  13. i'd be curious to hear dan's take on this product. i'd like to have him try it and do a review.
  14. i know there are conflicting opinions about food and acne but personally, i've noticed i break out really bad whenever i eat shrimp. i love shrimp but don't eat it very often...but whenever i do, ugh! i break out terribly bad. has anyone else noticed bad break outs from certain foods?
  15. there was talk in the past about making labels where you could remove the acne.org part. this would be greatly appreciated. the word 'acne' has such a horrible stigma and i hate having to hide my products when i have company over.