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  1. Hey everyone! Well about two years ago (im 17 now) my acne (severe acne) began to appear. It got terrible at one point, thats when my parents decided to get me on an antibiotic. I've now been on minocycline for over 1 year. It has worked wonders on my face. I now mainly only have red marks from the acne left on my skin which will probably fade within a few years. I'm in need of a new cleanser (i have been using Vishy Normaderm for over a year), something that might be able to help fade th
  2. Hey guys and gals. Well i've been on minocyclin for two months now and I am going to see the doctor tommorow. It has helped my skin a lot but the red marks are still there. There arn't really any bumps on my face. Is there a product (moisturizer or something) that will not necessarily fade the marks, but make them less visible cause in time those marks will fade. I'm not really wanting to spend 15 minutes in front of the mirror putting makeup on, i'm looking for something quick, under 5 minu
  3. Some fucker once told me that my face looks like it is burnt. So now i hit the weights hard and the next time somebody sais something about my face i will pound their face in and make it look worse than mine.
  4. Do you believe that some employers will not hire you because of your acne?? I'm going for a job interview tommorow and i'm afraid that they won't hire me because of it.. But i've decided to go in there confidently and smiling, and pretend that i don't have acne.
  5. What can we "Teens" do to balance out our hormones. When do they go back to normal / Acne clears up
  6. I'm 16. Just waiting for my body to clear this shit by itself.
  7. I'm gonna do this tonight, what are your thoughts?? 1- Wash my face, Neutrogena Normaderm 2- ProActiv toner 3- Steam for 10 mins with salt in water 4- ProActiv Repairing lotion 5- Moisturize 6- Refining mask (maybe) Am i doing this in the correct order?
  8. Hey guys, I've been reading about Apple Cider Vinegar, and I am going to start driking two table spoons in the morning and night for a week to see how it works for me. I've read that it is good for weight loss, but I do not want to lose weight. I am trying to bulk up by eating more and going to the gym. Will this ACV affect my weight drastically?
  9. Looks like cystic acne which means is you do the following it should improve (1) Balance hormones (Fish Oils) (2) Avoid sugar and hydrogenated oil (3) improve digestion (4) clear bowels and improve regularity. I'm pretty much in the exact same boat as this guy. Just i have it worse, but mostly in the same areas. Can you explain how to do these 4 things? Also, how does ACV work? Should i just mix a tablespoon of ACV with fruit juice and drink it in the morning?
  10. Hey, So i am a 16 year old male with acne, most likely just because adolescence plus my two brothers and my sister had acne at this age also and now they don't have it, so its probably genetics. Anyways, What i wanted to know if their is any makeup that will help cover up my acne a little bit, but ofcourse not make it any worse. Most of it is under the skin, so it looks worse than it is. Thanks a lot.
  11. Hi. Lately i've been having unusual dryness on my lower cheeks, almost like the skin is peeling.. I havn't changed products, i've been using the Vichy Nermaderm gel for about a month on my face and havn't had this typ of dryness. But i use a day cream and a night cream, which usually work, but for some reason the dry skin just won't stop being dry until i apply the cream three or four times. But after about an hour it becomes dry again. Is this some sort of symptom when your acne is curing or
  12. wtf are you talking about buddy.. you have nothing there.
  13. do you apply it morning and night? or just night?
  14. how can poping a blackhead spread them?